Alice’s Letter

To/ Peter,Emma,Samuel and Sofia
It’s amazing here on the collosal, magestic Titanic, our first class rooms are are the best. I wish you were here with us. The thing we have are brilliant there’s:                                                                                                                                                A heated pool which I spend almost all day in.

  • My dad goes to the bar with me and they sell everything I ‘!L O V E!’. There is a pool table that I use and I sometimes play ‘!DARTS!’.
  • My mum and Dad have the BIGGEST BED EVER!
  • My bed is a double bed! I love it although its not as big as my Mum’s
  • There’s a smoking room that I never go near, because its disgusting.

I’m so excited about arriving in New York. I wish you were here.

Sorry I didn’t write before. I’ve been so busy making friends.


Alice, Cara, Sarah and Giles


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