Amira’s Titanic Recount

                                                                               Eva Hart


      We were on – The Queen of The Ocean- as some people called her, but others say -RMS Titanic. She was created by The White.Well this is how the sank began…

        In a luxurious bedroom, Me, my Mum and Dad, were getting ready to have our dinner but suddenly we felt something like we had hit another ship. we thought nothing much had happened, but people who were in the crew, were telling everyone to put on their life jackets. Then someone came to us but what they really said was “Please put your life jackets on and go up to the boat deck,” He paused. He gulped. “We’ve hit an iceberg !” Then he ran off to the next room to tell the next family. so we did as we were told and put our life jackets and ran up to the boat deck.

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