Hannah’s Titanic recount

As a seven year old, I was feeling so happy to be on board the collosal, luxourious Titanic. But when I was told we had hit a gigantic ice-berg, I was petrified. Astonisingly, my mother knew something was going to happen and something did happen. I awoke to a slight jolt. We all didn’t think it was anything until my mum went to have a look. When she came back woke up my dad and told him something. Then she told me. I was paralised to what she told me.

We all ran to the boat deck. The crew said my dad wasn’t allowed on and that’s the worst part.  Also my mum and I got seperated because our life boat we where on was to full.

Everyone in the life boat had to watch people get shot, people die of hyperthermia and worst of all the huge, majestic Titanic finally sink. When the Titanic finally sank it was the worst day of my childhood.

I was terrified when the collosal, freezing Atlantic ocean finally went silent. It made me think that all the people had died that were screaming.

When I got to New York I was reunited with my mum. But my dad and I never got united because he died of hyperthermia. We got on the carparthia before we got to New York and we got warm on it. On the Carparthia we where telling people about the dramatic experiance.


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