Hannah-Lee’s character description

Almost unbelievably, the tall, vast Dalek is covered in little bumps. Constantly, it’s long, creepy eye glares at you. They are multi- coloured but are very menacing so don’t be fooled, weirdly their horrible loathsome eye resembles a telescope and their long arm fires terrifying lasers.                                                                                                                 Frequently, he glides, floats and sneaks about searching in vain for The Doctor who ( to their dismay ) always gets away. Obviously angrily, they search for The Doctor to get rid of him so they can destroy the universe. Scarily, they are so intent on getting rid of him that their goal in life is to destroy him! Perfectly confidently, they will stop at nothing to hunt him down and kill him because they are brutal, merciless and seek destruction. Unfortunately, there’s nothing they want more than to destroy the universe and The Doctor.                                                                                          Daleks are emotionless and selfish. They can’t feel anything, which makes them ruthless and mean. Their mechanical hearts don’t exist ( and if they did they would be made of stone ). The malevolent, hideous Dalek is so horrid. It’s catchphrase is EXTERMINATE! In the blink of an eye I would be gone if I ever came face to face with them.


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