To write a recount by: Grace

In the morning, on Thursday, we had an Ancient Greek day. A man called Dan explained everything and we had the most fun i’ve ever had at school.

Before break as we entered the hall we thought , it was really a man but we didn’t know that, so one we were all sat down he lurched forwards and we all screamed! He explained a lot of stuff about animals and Time Travel with a lot of grandad’s and repetition.What would happen is you would have a grandad a dad and a son. The son built a time machine and traveled back in time and landed on his granded which meant his dad was never born so you were never born But if you didn’t build the time machine then you didn’t squash your grandad so your dad was born and you were born and you would build the time machine… It keeps on repeating.  Then we went for break.

When we came back, we re-enacted Legends and Myths which had princesses and wars. My favourite one was with a golden apple and a war with Troy. At last, it was lunchtime. After lunch we made a battle of ships. The aim of the game was to complete a maths puzzle by fitting shapes into a square and my table won but unfortunately or CLASS lost!

Next we went outside and did the Olympics (throwing hoops over chairs) and or class did win at that (It was the best Olympics ever!)

Finally, it was hometime and Dan packed up.



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