Who are year 5 and 6 at CHPS

Shannon and Kasmira, year 5, wrote this about us.

Our school is fun and we enjoy learning.
Everyday we take our learning seriously but always have the odd joke.
We live in a lovely environment called Milton Keynes .
We call our school C.H.P.S for short.
When we learn new things we always learn them in an enjoyable way.
We never waste our learning time.
We tweet our learning. Look at the bar on the right hand side.
In school we are smart learners which stand for …
Sensitive, Motivated, Attentive, Responsible, Truthful.


15 thoughts on “Who are year 5 and 6 at CHPS

  1. I’m really proud of the fact you are all such responsible learners. I’m also very glad you have fun while you’re learning as well!

  2. I especially like that you find ways to have fun while you learn. I’d love to hear more about that because I believe that you learn faster and better when lessons are fun. – Ms. Jenaia

    • I always enjoy lessons even when there not fun because I know that what the teachers are just thinking about our future and our school life.
      It is the best school ever :-] :-]

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