The Highway man-diary entry Besses ghost

Friday March 10 1926


Dear diary,

It was just yesterday. I shot myself for the love of my life. At least he’s safe.I can still imagine the guards tying me up  and holding a golden musket (gun) .


Tim,a guy who worked for my dad, threw my body in a dustbin and then started weeping. I had knew he had a crush on me  but I just didn’t like him, Even before The Highway man came. Tim always tried to get my attention by giving me flowers and chocolate. I hated it. Every day I scare him for what he did to me.


Hopefully, tonight The Highway man will come and we will live a happy life forever. I wish I was still alive to meet him. If I was still alive I would get revenge on Tim for everything he has done to me.




Screaming , Shouting , Screeching

All across the Titanic ,

My hand holding a complete strangers hand

Praying so God can forgive my sins


People sliding down

People trying to walk up

The waves bashing each other

The last boat

People pushing

People bashing

People scared

time is gone

The Titanic has ended

Titanic informal letter by Reece

Dear Mother,                                                                                                                                     RMS Titanic 11th April 1912

Me and Sam are having an absolutely brilliant time aboard the Titanic. There are so many activities for me and Sam to do, the food is mouth-watering, It,s SO NICE! We are in 1st class and our room is so big it’s like an apartment, me and Sam keep going to the gym, we love it! We have breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper and all of the meals keep getting better and better everyday. Every time we wake up we go up to the top deck and stare out at the beautiful, colosal horizon. There are luxurious pools that we always relax in and we always go dancing because it’s so funny. Well that’s it We have to go I’ll talk to you later BYE!

Destiny’s Titanic Death recount !!

All of a sudden i woke up with a crunch.Then my mum and dad got up and my dad went to go find out what had happend so he went to the captains caiban.Water was pouring our way and then everyone started running and screaming so my dad heard and picked me up and my mum followed behind.

We went quickly to the top of the deck i  got really petrified of the people screaming and running fast up to the top deck.Carefully we ran quickly to the bars at the top my mum was in a hurry to get in a lifeboat and my dad was making sure i was going to be okay.Quietly i had to stay calm.EVEN WHEN THE BOAT WAS SINKING !!!!

Mohsin 5MH L.O: To know how to select appropriate vocab.

Titanic sinking poem.

Lives lost,

and souls gone,

everybody’s time has come.

People perished,

in the sea,

horrific sights are all we see.

In the Arctic,

brisk and bleak,

everyone in a deathly sleep.

Titanic sinking,

all dead,

not even one cozy bed.

bodies floating,

in the sight,

everybody in a fright.


forgive us for sins,

please don’t let us die like this.

By Mohsin Murtaza 5MH