To write a recount by: Grace

In the morning, on Thursday, we had an Ancient Greek day. A man called Dan explained everything and we had the most fun i’ve ever had at school.

Before break as we entered the hall we thought , it was really a man but we didn’t know that, so one we were all sat down he lurched forwards and we all screamed! He explained a lot of stuff about animals and Time Travel with a lot of grandad’s and repetition.What would happen is you would have a grandad a dad and a son. The son built a time machine and traveled back in time and landed on his granded which meant his dad was never born so you were never born But if you didn’t build the time machine then you didn’t squash your grandad so your dad was born and you were born and you would build the time machine… It keeps on repeating.  Then we went for break.

When we came back, we re-enacted Legends and Myths which had princesses and wars. My favourite one was with a golden apple and a war with Troy. At last, it was lunchtime. After lunch we made a battle of ships. The aim of the game was to complete a maths puzzle by fitting shapes into a square and my table won but unfortunately or CLASS lost!

Next we went outside and did the Olympics (throwing hoops over chairs) and or class did win at that (It was the best Olympics ever!)

Finally, it was hometime and Dan packed up.


Hannah-Lee’s character description

Almost unbelievably, the tall, vast Dalek is covered in little bumps. Constantly, it’s long, creepy eye glares at you. They are multi- coloured but are very menacing so don’t be fooled, weirdly their horrible loathsome eye resembles a telescope and their long arm fires terrifying lasers.                                                                                                                 Frequently, he glides, floats and sneaks about searching in vain for The Doctor who ( to their dismay ) always gets away. Obviously angrily, they search for The Doctor to get rid of him so they can destroy the universe. Scarily, they are so intent on getting rid of him that their goal in life is to destroy him! Perfectly confidently, they will stop at nothing to hunt him down and kill him because they are brutal, merciless and seek destruction. Unfortunately, there’s nothing they want more than to destroy the universe and The Doctor.                                                                                          Daleks are emotionless and selfish. They can’t feel anything, which makes them ruthless and mean. Their mechanical hearts don’t exist ( and if they did they would be made of stone ). The malevolent, hideous Dalek is so horrid. It’s catchphrase is EXTERMINATE! In the blink of an eye I would be gone if I ever came face to face with them.

Alice’s Letter

To/ Peter,Emma,Samuel and Sofia
It’s amazing here on the collosal, magestic Titanic, our first class rooms are are the best. I wish you were here with us. The thing we have are brilliant there’s:                                                                                                                                                A heated pool which I spend almost all day in.

  • My dad goes to the bar with me and they sell everything I ‘!L O V E!’. There is a pool table that I use and I sometimes play ‘!DARTS!’.
  • My mum and Dad have the BIGGEST BED EVER!
  • My bed is a double bed! I love it although its not as big as my Mum’s
  • There’s a smoking room that I never go near, because its disgusting.

I’m so excited about arriving in New York. I wish you were here.

Sorry I didn’t write before. I’ve been so busy making friends.


Alice, Cara, Sarah and Giles

Snowman Stories by Year 5

In Year 5 we have been writing short stories. We used the structure: Opening, Build-up, Dilemma, Events, Resolution.
See if you can spot our use of Reflection, Description, Action and Dialogue.


As Ben was thinking of what to do in the snow, it came like a flash. He would build a snowman. The best snowman there was! He started off with the body. He patted it all into place with a spade. Then he moved on to the head, he made a little snowball and he kept rolling it until it got to just the right size.
Ben went in to get a nose a hat and a scarf. Then he put the hat scarf and the nose on him he started to look for some eyes and buttons. He found some coal for eyes and buttons. After that he carved a huge grin and went inside. He kept on looking at the snowman until “Come on time for bed!” mumbled Ben’s dad. Ben got ready and into bed. As Ben tossed and turned he awoke just before midnight as he creeped downstairs being careful not to wake his parents and opened the creeky door. As Ben looks at the grandfather clock it struck midnight. He looked back at the snowman in one split second around the snowman came a sparkle and the snowman had come alive. Ben invited the snowman into the house. The snowman noticed the cat immediately and went to stroke it. The cat got scared and ran away and scared the snowman. He got so scared he went back into the tree. The bells started to jingle as Ben grabbed the snowman he put the him on his dad’s chair. As the snowman looks around Ben turns on the TV Ben watches the snowman get hypnotized after a while the snowman got rather hot as quick as a flash Ben got the snowman to the kitchen and opened the freezer the snowman said he was ready to take the heat and so Ben closed the freezer. The snowman noticed the fruit bowl and tried on different noses. After that they rode Ben’s dad’s motorcycle and soon the snowman and Ben took of for the North Pole other snowmen joined them and soon they reached the North Pole and saw Santa.santa showed Ben the reindeer. As Ben was stroking the reindeers Santa gave him a scarf and Ben went home. He went to sleep. In the morning Ben woke up and went to check on the snowman but he had tuned into a pile of snow! Ben’s legs began to give way and he fell to the ground. His friend his best friend was gone for another year.

Yawning James woke up from his power snooze in his king sized bed.He clambered to his window and wiped all of the condncation . It was snowing,the precious pearl white snow was pouring down heavly.James strolled down the stairs and got dressed joyfully.”Hello Mum!” James quickly running out side.
“ Oh hi!” James`s mum replied.He went outside and started making a closle, white sparkly snowman. He rolled balls of snow to make the snowman.Once he made the mighty sowman he walked back inside to have a mouth watering dinner.After that he asked “Can I have a old scalf please mum.”asked James eagerly.
“Yes,here you go James”mum replied .He spead out the door and gracefully placed the scalf round the snowman`s neck.
As fast as lightning James jogged into the house and snached a tangereen ,sprinted to the coal and got some.Then he put it on the snowman.His mum called him in and he went to bed.

James tossed around in his bed as cold wind blew through the thin window.He got out of bed and looked out the window at the snowman in the field. Then he sneaked down the steps as slowly as possible.
The clock then struck midnight and he looked out the window…the snowman was alive with a joyful smile.
James took him inside and the snowman took his hat of like a real human.The snowman tripped and nearly knocked the Christmas tree over.James put the tv on but the fire was melting the snowman.

James took the gleaming, white snowman to the kitchen where it was colder.The snowman got loads of fruits and tried them on as his noes. James took the snowy snowman to his Mum and Dad’s bedroom. THE SNOWMAN OPENED THE DRESSING CUPBOARD AND STARTED GETTING INTO CLOTHES.They were as quiet as a mouse.They then put perthume on and started to be silly.

They walked outside and the snowman started to ride an old asion motorbike and James hopped on as well.
“This is a epic motorbike is EPIC James!”said the
“YEAH!”replied James.They went through the wood trees and back to James`s house.They got of and James showed the snowman the garage where he sat in the freezer. The snowman stood up and walked through the door…he starts to run with the boy. They started to take of from the ground and James was queit scared because his parents might find out.James was shocked,a flying snowman that was real!!!
“WHERE WALKING IN THE AIR!”shouted the snowman flying through the air like a bird.They flew across the country side in a flash to the city. A girl sore them flying through the air and thought it was santa.They finally they they made it to the NORTH POLE where they had a big party with santa. There was loads of food,drinks and snowmen.James said,”I need to get back home before my Mum and Dad wake up.”

“Ok!”said the snowman and started flying again.
They finally landed back at James`s house.
James said “see you in the morning.”going inside the house.He went to bed as joyfully as ever.

The next day he went outside to find the snowman but it had melted…

Jeff got out of bed to see the snowman.
“ It is really cold,”shivered Jeff.Jeff got back into bed and tried to go to sleep. he got back out of his bed and went downstairs to see the snowman closer. Then the snowman sparkled and turned around. The tall,thick snowman walked to the the boy Jeff.
“come on in snowman,” happily Jeff said.
“ok,” replied the snowman.
Jeff and the snowman went inside.They both looked at the cat and the cat jumped up and scared the snowman.The snowman nearly knocked the tree over.They both looked cloas up at a ballball. Their faces were very by.3
Then the snowman sat on a chair to watch the tv that Jeff put on.
“I feel very hot,” smoked the snowman.Jeff terns the tv of and takes the snowman out of the room and into the kitchen.”look at my nose i am going to chaings them into difernt ones,”the snowman wairdly said.The snowman changs his nose into different ways.Then the snowman went to look for the fridge.
“wairs the fridge,” snowman happly said.The snowman found the fridge and sat by the fridge.
Then they went out of that room and went into Jeff’s mum and dad’s room.The snowman put on blusher.Then he put on Jeff’s dad clothes.The snowman goes to hold his nose because he was going to sneas.But Jeff kickley toack the cloths of and put them into the cubed and gose out to the freezer in the shed.
The snowman sat then layed into the freezer. He found a pikcher of the noth pole.then the snowman ran out side and went to take of i ran to try and stop him but he just went of of the ground and flew over the sea and some of the over snowmen came and join us.Soon we landed at the north pole.There were some over snowmen there they moved out of the way so i could see santa.
“Jeff i have something for you,”Santa asked.
“Ok what is it,”Jeff asked Santa never replied because he wanted him to find out.
“Open it now if you want to Jeff,”santa said.
“Ok i hope it is something worm,” Jeff replied. “Wow it is something warm it’s a scarf.I am going to put it on now,” Jeff exsitedly said. “Bye santa i need to go back home,” Jeff monde.They were flying back home. We flew back over the water and back to my house i went to bed and went to sleep. When i woke up i went downstairs but the snowman was melted.


“What was that?” screeched Patrick.
The wild, wind scattered snow over the crunching trees as if they were falling in love! Patrick’s mum had just woken from the sound of his yawn. Once Patrick emerged up,he squinted out of his window and enjoyed the moment of snow trickling down heavily.
“ MUM DAD IT’S SNOWING!!!!! yelled Patrick a bit too THRILLED!
“Yes we know son,” replied the monotone voices of his parents. Without thought he jumped out his P.J’s [and nearly out his skin!] into his clothes and bashed through the door of his bedroom! He whizzed down stairs and barged passed his dad. He rushed into the kitchen and his mum told him to put his socks on. He whizzed back passed his dad and opened the rusty, old front door and put his yellow wellingtons on.
Then he bolted through the front door and got ready to build his vast, fluffy snowman. He’d just started to make his snowman when his paraniod parents yelled out,”It’s dinner time darling.”.Patrick walked inside and slouched in his chair and neither did his touch his meal[ though it was his favourite!] Finally,his mum and dad said,” Fine then grump grotts. Go to your room.” “Thank you mummy and daddy,” he yawned pulling a puppy face but secretly smirking. Then he went to his bedroom and went to sleep in a blink.
He kept on tossing and turning and could not get to sleep. He wanted to just check just a little bit on his magnificent snowman.
“I’ll just be two minutes teddy.” whispered Patrick.
So he crept downstairs past his mum dribbling down her P.J’s and Dad snoring like a lion roaring. Suddenly there was DING DING DONG DING chimed the grandfather clock.
“Hu… midnight already?” Thought Patrick. He
starred obviously waiting for something exciting to happen. Suddenly his eyes were drawn to the spine tingling scene. His mouth dropped wide open as if a plane was about to land inside his mouth. Suddenly, the snowman sparkled in the shining moonlight making the most, brightest beam of light EVER!!!!
“Hello young child, It is very nice to meet you. I’m Puffy the snowman, and I…
“WWOOWW!!yelled the boy,”Y,y.. your a,a ..alive.”
“Well oh yes I am I guess! As I was saying I’m looking for a boy called Patrick. Do you know where I could find him? asked Puffy.
“I’m sure he’ll turn up soon but meanwhile why don’t I give you a tour around my house? You don’t want to get too cold do you.” explained Patrick [pretending to be someone else].
“Okay if you insist,” replied Puffy. So they strolled back inside to explore the house.
“This is my living room, it’s full of very interesting things, like the TV and this chair over here.
“Oh i best not forget the best part…The Christmas tree look,” Patrick explained pointing to it.
“Oh yes i see… oh no!”screeched Puffy falling backwards onto the tree,”Help please HELP!”. So Patrick quickly grabbed onto the tree before it fell over.
“Sorry i’m quite clumsy,” he whispered feeling quite embarrassed. Then he grabbed a shiny bauble and inspected his appearance inside it. Then Patrick looked at himself too. He sat Puffy down on the chair and switched on the TV. Puffy memorised the moment of the TV as if it was the best thing ever. They skipped over to the kitchen. And tried on some more fruit noses. Most of them like the apple were really funny. Then they went into Patrick’s mum and dad’s room
“Man this room smells like rotten bananas!Sorry I shouldn’t of said that about the room. Ohh what’s this thing over here”asked Puffy.
“That’s a shirt.That’s what my dad wears to work,” Patrick replied with a smile,but he was smiling a lot when Puffy tried to put it on. They then casually walked over to the dresser and then they saw something really funny. They saw teeth in a glass of water. Puffy wanted to have a go at trying them on but Patrick said ‘NO’. Though did he listen … no he grabbed out the glass and shoved them in his mouth. When he saw himself with them on they laughed their heads of.
When it was time, they ran outside to get some fresh air. Then Puffy pulled off the sheet off this weird shaped thing. Then Patrick remembered it was the old motorbike his dad used to ride. But Puffy didn’t care he grabbed a helmet and zoomed around the garden. He stopped next to Patrick and picked him up onto the the motorbike. Then they faded into the distance. On their way they passed hair’s, rabbits, foxes and owls.

After a while they arrived back at the house. Patrick could see that Puffy looked really hot so he showed him the freezer. So Puffy hopped inside and put a packet of peas on his forehead. Patrick then reassured him that he wouldn’t melt if he comes out of the freezer. Then Puffy started running. Patrick knew it was late and his mum would be soooooooo angry if he didn’t come back. But he didn’t want to leave his dear snowman. What should he do ??? So he decided to go with the snowman because Puffy wouldn’t be there forever. And besides everyone says parents are meant to be there forever RIGHT ??????
Then he saw a snowman in another garden, and another, again now their neighbours and soon enough there were over 40 different snowmen and snowwomen all flying at the same time! It was a wonderful sight they were gliding through the sky like eagles. We went flying over the north pole and passed little boys and girls who stared in astonishment. Then we reached the destination there were lots of other snowomen and snowwoman. Then the snowmen unraveled like the curtain in a theater. “NO THIS MUST MUST BE A DREAM!!! OH MY GOODNESS!”screeched Patrick.
It was only the nicest, the kindest,the amazing Saint Nicholas…SANTA CLAUSE!!!!!
“Ho ho hooo! Lets party Young lad, I do this every year!”
the christmas legend spoke.
Santa also gave Patrick a blue scarf.
After a while they left and went back home.
“Good bye puffy” said Patrick
“Good bye!”He replied.
“I’ll come back tomorow”said Patrick.

9 Hours later…

“YAAY, Puffy I’M COMING!!!”Screamed Patrick.
“But you don’t have any underwear on sweetheart,” mum said feeling kind of annoyed by him.
He rushed outside the door as if their had been a fire in his house…but,it was freezing!
“I,i..’s s..o c..ol..d ou..t…I SEE THE
HAT A…a..and the stones and orange…and even the lime, green wooly scarf!!” he mumbled.
He was right, only this time they were on the ground…with a small lump of snow. Which was the snowman’s snow.

The End…

Bella and Matthew

He squated down and the little boy shaped the snow into a ball by patting and rubbing the gentle, delicate snow into a spherical shape.He expertly threw the snowball like an an olympic thrower, and unfortunately for the little boy,hit the window.Suddenly, the boy’s mother pushes open the door “ Don’t do that again!” his mother yelled. Feeling down and miserable the boy began to build a giant snowman pushing the huge cold lump of snow he was smiling with glee and soon forgetting about what he had done earlier. With the shiny,white blanket of snow that felt as soft as butter cream.

After many minutes the boy had a huge hill of snow ready to be shaped into a body, but before he had the chance he was beckoned inside by his mother. James (the little boy) unwillingly trudged inside to eat. James quickly stuffed his food down like he had been starved. Immediately after he had scoffed down his food he got up and opened the Chestnut,oak door to find his snowman there. Using a shovel he carefully moulded the shape of a body. James then repetitively rolled a snowball till it was up to waist height. Then gently and carefully elevates the snowball to the top of the body to be the head. The snow was heavily falling but filled with determination he ran inside to appeal and plead if he could borrow a hat and scarf. His mother offered him an old tattered hat and scarf which James accepted and carefully placed upon the snowman. Again, running inside, James this time was after a nose for his snowman. He grabbed a fruit from the sideboard charging outside he placed the fruit smack bang in the middle of the snow. James stood where he was and admired his perfect snowman.“ James come inside” his mother beckoned from inside the house.

James joined his Mother and father by the fire his Father was cooking bread by the log fire. As six o’clock approached James clambered up the stairs. As if he had ants in his pants and couldn’t keep still whilst brushing his teeth he kept a close eye to make sure his work was preserved for as long as possible! With one last look at the snowman he leapt into bed. As he was lying in bed he was twitchy and nervous he woke up from his lovely dream going to the window to inspect the snowman he started to shiver. Climbing back into bed he couldn’t forget the snowman.

Creeping as silent as a mouse, down the chestnut,rickety stairs the boy took caution not to wake a single living thing! .James looks out of the front door, and as the clock chimed at the stroke of midnight, a dazzling spark of light shines over the snowman and makes the snowman become as alive as a real person.With a flash, the dazzling shimmer is gone. Astounded and amazed he pondered whether to let the snowman in.The frost figure of the snowman enters the house he is led into the living room.Immediately after entering the room the coldness and freshness of him can be felt.A tabby cat is curled up by the fire, and the snowman has such a shock he leans backwards and nearly sends the christmas tree flying.Whilst the snowman admires the baubles on the tree, the boy stops the flaming red fire, incase the snowman gets too hot.After a while, the snowman gets bored and they both wander upstairs.The snowman tries on makeup and clothes, but quickly decides to take it all off.Next, James shows the snowman into his playroom, and they both play about until they are exhausted.

Spotting the frosty green cover concealing a huge turbocharged motorbike. Handing over the red helmet and placing the helmet on his head he sprang onto the bike pulling James along with him he was like a TT racer about to overtake. They sped through the woods narrowly escaping a collision with two fesants perched on the ground When they finally came to a halt. The snowman was led into the garage but suddenly when he saw a picture of a mountain distress came over the snowman. Stepping of towards the door the snowman took James’s hand.

They suddenly came into a run, coming off the ground zooming through the sky they soon left the house and saw a tiny dot on the mountainside which was the house they had long departed from! They crossed over the Taj Mahal they swiftly advanced onto see Brighton pier. After minutes of flying icebergs came into range. “ Do you know what Aurora Borealis is James?” questioned the snowman. “No,” came the swift reply of James. “The Northern lights!” shouted The snowman smiling. As the two of them suddenly came across a huge patch of ice covering a space of land a reflection came off from the ground.Beautifully, the light reflected so the sky was filled with extraordinary colours.Trees come into view a emerald green colours surrounded them.

As the two friends land, they find themselves surrounded by a swarm of snowmen. The snowmen let the boy through until the boy found in front of him a jolly,rosy cheeked man… it was SANTA! James suddenly found himself speechless with excitement.Music abruptly started, and snowmen started to dance. It was all different to James’s quiet house. Being led into a hut by Santa James found himself staring at all of the furry, chestnut reindeer. The soft,floppy fur felt like silk against his hand. There came a quiet shout of no! Then James’s snowman came to speak to them. “ We need to go!” announced the snowman. Santa meanwhile had been searching through his brimming full sack. Eventually after many minutes of searching through he pulled out a brilliantly wrapped present immediately he tore open the present it was a beautiful scarf as they waved goodbye the friends lifted high of the ground after about one hour of flying they came to the ground. And for what possibly could be for the last time they pulled into one tight hug.The snowman then went back to where he started. Clambering into his bed he almost instantly fell asleep.

The next morning James was sprinting down the stairs straight past his mother and father he ran outside… but to the disappointment of James there was a puddle.
And James was left in despair. Would he ever have another friend like him?

Celine and Destiny

In the morning Ben woke up he looked through his window and saw it had snowed he put his shorts and jumper and looked through the door window and ran outside to play in the snow. When he went outside he looked at his window and saw it was frosty and icy then he looked at the snow and started to play he then made a humngous gittering glammer snowman.
Ben had to go to inside but he didn’t want to.So then his mum forced him to go inside so he did.
Ben could not stop thinking about the snowman he made
because that was his first time making a huge snowman.

It was pitch black in the sky .Mum and dad were snoring and it made Ben wake up .There snoring was so disgraceful.Ben felt like slapping them but he wouldn’t do that because He loves them.Ben secretly crept down stairs and put on his coat on.The snowman moved .And looked at the boy he walked upto the door
and saw ben ben walked out and the snowman then bowed. With his hat.
Ben looked at the glass stained window.Somehow he could look through window.Suddenly the old rusty clock rang. Ben jumped .He was frightend.

Ben open the door with a shake. ben saw the snowman looked at him He was scared. The snowman smiled at him and followed him through the house.Then he showed him his Intire house.But first he showed him his living room and then he showed him his parents room.They were messing up his parents.the snowman was wearing makeup.Then the went to the kitchen.The snowman was messing around with his nose.Putting different fruits.They went out side but Ben didn’t want to. The snowman had magic in his mind and then after he went on the motorbike and the snowman flow with the boy. The boy was pleased.


Sam ran to his bedroom and his mum gave him a loving kiss goodnight. After a while, Sam started to toss and turn. He couldn’t get any sleep. Sam’s desire was to go and play outside with his white, plump snowman. As Sam still couldn’t get any sleep, he slowly and quietly crept downstairs to get a better look at the snowman. When the clock struck midnight, a glittering sparkle shone all over the snowman’s cold back. Suddenly, the snowman looked back and waved. The boy gazed with an astonished look on his freezing face. The boy sprinted to the snowman with a welcoming grin. The snowman took of his hat and gave a graceful bow.

The friendly boy invited the snowman into his warm, small house. In the home, they went into the living room. The boy showed the snowman around. He switched the Tv on to show the snowman some different tv channels. His eyes started to feel a bit ‘oozy’ and dizzy. The snowman felt like he was going to melt. With a friendly tug, the boy dragged the snowman out of the room and into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, the snowman enjoyed playing with the amazing light switch and found a fruit basket and put on different fruit noses. The last one he tried was a pineapple; and he tickled the boy with it. They both had a very good laugh. Now there was nothing to do in the kitchen so they went into Sam’s mum and dad’s huge bedroom.

The snowman started to mess about in the bedroom by putting on false teeth and light pink makeup. They even had a little play about with their fancy clothes. After that, the snowman put a smoking pipe in his mouth and put on some of Sam’s mum’s most prized possession perfume.

Suddenly the snowman needed to do a vast sneeze. Sam took all the clothes of, cleaned the makeup off and put everything back where they belonged. So he gently tugged the snowman to get out of the room, dragged him and dashed out. The boy then let the snowman do the ear aching sneeze.

Then they both went to the window and saw a mysterious blanket.
“What’s underneath that green, dull blanket?” the snowman asked.
“Just wait and see.” Sam replied. So they hopped outside and he showed the snowman what was underneath the stinky blanket.
“What’s that?” the snowman curiously asked.
“A motorbike, do you want to try?” the polite boy offered.
“Yes please!” replied the snowman excitedly.
Together the boy and the snowman jumped on, whizzed through the forest and bumped into a few creatures.

After a long journey, they returned home gleefully; still thinking about the best adventure they’ve ever had, the snowman grabbed the boy’s hand by surprise and together they flew. They soared through the rough oceans and to the town. They also saw more snowman come alive and they all followed them. Sam felt like this was the best midnight in his life (even though it was the first time he stayed up till late). It was certainly much better than falling asleep or just lying in his bed. He felt worried but excited. He had never stayed up this late before. All of this felt like a dream even though it was very real.
“I have never seen the world like this before. It’s beautiful!” exclaimed Sam with his eyes popping out.


“Don’t think this just your first time flying,” replied the snowman.”I was just made yesterday,” Sam gave a little giggle,

Suddenly, it was time for the excited boy and the delighted snowman to go home but the others wanted to dance so Sam danced and shook and wobbled like jelly for a for five or more minutes and then went to his cosy cottage. The snowman gave the boy a big hug and then let the boy go inside into his king size, brown bed. After this fascinating adventure, Sam fell in a deep sleep until the next day…

The next day, when the sun was bright and when the boy needed to see his snowman, he took his scarf out to show the icy figure and he went outside to discover a tragedy. He cried and weeped while holding out the scarf Santa gave him with lots of love. His beloved snowman had just melted in the sunlight, there was nothing he could do about it until next Christmas and a happy new year. There was no point… everything was over and everything was completely ruined.


Yawning,Jeff woke up from his delightful,comfortable power snooze in his king sized bed. He clambered to his window and whipped all of the condensation off from the triple glazed window. It was snowing, the precious pearl white snow was pouring down heavily. Jeff strolled down stairs and got dressed joyfully.
“Hello mum,” calm whispered Jeff going outside
“Oh hi,” replied Jeff mum. He came outside and starting making a collosol white snowman. He rolled balls of snow to make the snowman . Once he made it he walked back inside to have a mouth watering dinner. After that he asked “Can I have an old scalf please mum?” asked Jeff eagerly.
“Yes, here you go Jeff,” mum replied gladly. he spead out the door and gracefully placed the scalf round the snowman’s neck.
As fast as lightning Jeff jogged into the house and snached one tangereen, sprinted to the coal sack grabbed 6. Went back to the snowman put them all on and went back inside, to go to bed

As Jeff tosses and turns he couldn’t get any sleep. He came out of his bed looked out of his window to see the snowman. The plump, fluffy snowman stood like a soldier. He shiverd from the coldness and went back to bed. For a short time only, he got back up went down stairs. The clock struck midnight. ALL OF A SUDDEN THE SNOWMAN CAME TO LIFE… He twinkled in the moonlight with his massive smile.
“Come inside Frosty,” Jeff spoke.
“Ok,” Frosty said.They went into the living room Frosty nearly knocked over the xmas tree Jeff put the tree lights on Frosty was amazed he was stunned to the ground. He looked at a ruby red ballball the snowman saw his reflection on it. Frosty sat down on a bage comfortable sofa he was getting hot because the tv was on also the fire.
Frosty and Jeff went into the kitchen it was like his home there because it was cold the pair of them had a laugh the snowman got loads of diffirent fruits to put on his nose. They were getting bored of that so they went to mums and dads room.

Frosty put mum’s makeup on they went the closet.Frosty put a hat on a tie and some trousers he put some perfume on and he was about to snease Jeff took him outside. They went on a motorbike round and round there were pearly pieces of snow flying every where. He clamberd on the plump snowman.Stop! Make it stop! Suddenly, it was about to crash into the house all of a sudden Frosty,with his quick reactions, pulled the brake it skimmed the house and… Stopped the motorbike in time. He got of and it was like he was stunned to the floor. Frosty’s face was blank, he was stairing into the pitch,black sky. What was he thinking Jeff thought? Frosty ran into the shed there was a speir frige he lied in it and put a bag of peas on his head.He went outside grabbed Jeff and starting flying. We were getting higher and higher, they were the same hight as a bird.They saw other snowmen it was awsome they came into landing at a forest. But back at home the grandfather clock struke 3 in the mourning. Jeff and Frosty saw saint nick. The pair of them had a boogie and ate roast turkey. Jeff said that its time to go home. But it was 6:58 his alarm goes off at 7 he rushed up stairs. Clumberd into bed just in time.



With frozen finger tips James picked up delicate silver sheets of snow. He moulded it into the shape of a ball and then carefully started to roll it around so he could make a colossal snowman.James then gradually shaped the silk to make the body of his future snowman.Suddenly,his mother’s silhouette appeared on the doorstep.
“James time to come in now for breakfast!”Yelled his mother from the entrance of the house.
“Ok mum coming!”replied James as he was running towards the front door.
Whilst he was eating some golden brown biscuits James was watching his half built snowman like a hawk.

A few moments later James sprinted back into the snowy garden to finish his masterpiece.Slowly,he made another medium snowball and then placed it upon the massive the bulky, bulging body.Later on James set himself a quest to make
the snowman’s face.James ran inside to get a tangerine for the nose and then soon after James had come out of the house to get five lumps of coal for the eyes and the buttons on his body.

Carefully,James placed the coal and the tangerine on the snowman’s face and then he stepped back so he look at what he had created.James pondered.Suddenly,James had found out what he was missing.
“Of course,I need the hat and scarf so then my snowman will be complete!”shouted James happily.
Sprinting,james ran into his house and asked his mother for an old scarf and hat.His mother gave him an old gray hat with an other matching grey and black striped scarf.James sprinted back outside and then placed the hat on the snowman’s head and the scarf around his neck.Slowly but carefully,James tiptoed backwards and gazed at the silver man that stood right before him.

“James!, time to come in now it’s getting dark!”called James’s mother.
dusk fell as James ran towards his warm cozy home in hope of having a delightful dinner. Quickly,James gobbled his dinner and then sat by the fire so toast a slice of bread together.Soon after James finished his toast, his father tapped his watch and told James that it was time to go to bed.
“Come on James time to go to bed it’s late!”stated James’s father.
James trudged upstairs to his room to get ready for bed.James brushed his teeth and got into bed.Later on James was tossing and turning in bed until…
He leaped out of bed and gazed out at his wonderful snowman.Carefully James sprinted downstairs so he could look at his snowman from the front door’s window.James placed his elbow down on the windowsill when SUDDENLY magic rainbow dust started the blow off of the snowman body. James gasped.Slowly ,he walked to the door and opened it slowly.Proudly,the snowman turned around and waved at James.James invited the snowman inside his house and when the snowman went inside James’s house. James greeted the snowman by pulling up a chair for him to sit down on.The snowman started to get super hot and sweaty.
“James I’m a little hot here!” stammered the snowman.
James moved the snowman away from the fire and the snowman wakes up their cat .The cat took a glance at the snowman , speedily it screeched and ran away! Horrified, the snowman walked over to the dully,decorated tree. For the snowman’s delight,James turned on the lights.Later on that evening James and the snowman explored the house.They went upstairs to have a little peek in James’s mum and dad’s room. Slowly,they trotted over to James’s mother’s vanity to have some fun with his mother’s makeup.After they had some fun in the house they went outside to have some more fun in the garden.

With no explanation, the snowman started to sprint across the garden.From always on the ground to souring in the moonlight sky.
”Everything seems so tiny up here “ commented James ”How do you know this place?”
“I don’t know how I have thought about this place but don’t panic,”declared the snowman. They spotted a massive party boat filled with lots of drunken adults!

Finally they arrived on the mountains covered with a thick blanket of silky snow where other magical snowmen and snowladies gathered round.For lots of long exciting hours everyone danced and pranced around.Like lightning,James and the snowman started to twizzle around.

Delicately, a boy starts to make a snowman’s body,he shapes and shapes until the snowman’s body is complete.After the body is done,his mum beckons him inside.
“But mum I really want to carry on!” whines James.
“GET HERE NOW YOUNG MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”yells his mother.
James slowly trudges inside and unwillingly eats his lunch.

After gobbling his lunch,he sprints outside to continue his snowman.James was pleased because a new,glistening blanket of snow had consumed the ground.For the next few hours,he keeps on rolling and patting the snow.Finally,when the snowman is finalised he runs inside to fetch a hat and a scarf.Then he rushes out again and puts them on him.He gazes at the snowman for a few seconds then jogs off to get some coal and a piece of perfect fruit for his nose.When he gets back out again he puts them all on the snowman and he is complete!

James goes inside and huddles by the fire with his parents,as the clock chimes like a bird singing his parents tell him to go to bed.James went upstairs to brush his teeth,then got into bed.He tried to have a snooze but failed.He wiggled around a bit trying to get to sleep but he just couldn’t so he went to the window to look at the snowman.Just then the clock chimes midnight and a spark of brilliant light shot out of nowhere to encircle the snowman.

When he realised the snowman was alive,James shoved on his dressing gown and sprinted downstairs.He couldn’t believe his eyes! The snowman turned round and shook James ‘s hand enthusiastically and the boy wanted to be friends so he invited the snowman in for a cup of tea and a biscuit.After energetically exploring the christmas tree they went to inspect the kitchen.James enjoyed the little show where the snowman experimented different noses with fruit.
“Snowman you are so inspiring and funny! Can you do anything else?”questioned James.
“Why yes of course I can,I am not a one talented snowman what do you take me for!?”answered the snowman.

James led the snowman upstairs and into his parents room,where the snowman was very interested.
“Where are we now James?”asked the snowman.
“Oh in my mother and father’s room.” came the reply.
They tampered with items in James’s parent’s room then went out to James’s room.After playing,falling over and messing around,they went outside to the front garden and discovered a motorbike.
“Come on James let’s go on this motorbike!” urged the snowman as he really wanted James to go.
“Ok ok I’ll come,” came the reply from a rather flabbergasted James.
So James got on the motorbike and they zoomed off into the distance.They hurled off and the worn,red motorbike revved its engine.They glided into the woods and when they came out there was an ochre, brown horse galloping away from them.The two friends clambered over hills and fields and slopes.
“WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”yelled James as they sped over fields and back home again.

Should James go?Should he not go?He pondered for a little while.Finally,he chooses to go.He couldn’t wait what was going to happen next!

We ran to start off with and then flew around the house before flying off somewhere else.It was the most exciting moment of his life!He saw lots of amazing sights like the Taj Mahal and the Aurora Borealis.We also went past penguins,the thing I was dieing to see!
“Penguins!They’re the cutest penguins I’ve ever seen!”exclaimed James.
The snowman smiled and said,”Yes,they are the most adorable little penguins ever.”
“Where are you going anyway?”asked James curiously.
“You’ll see,”replied the snowman mysteriously while grinning broadly.
James tried to guess but it was a wrong guess every time.James gave up after a while.

Finally,they landed on the land to greet some snowmen and snowladies,they were very friendly and in the middle was Santa Clause also known as Father Christmas.They all danced and ate and have fun!Nobody was sad,instead they were happy and cheerful. Father Christmas called James over with a glint of excitement in his eye.
“James I thought I would give you one christmas present EARLY”announced father christmas.As Santa sifted through his pile of presents,he found one especially for James.
“What is it going to be?”asked James.
It was a blue scarf with snowmans on it!
“WOW I LOVE THIS!!!”exclaimed James with enthusiasm.
The snowman beckons him to go home because it is getting early.So they take off the ground soaring at top speed, then they finally landed on the ground.It was tricky to say goodbye,but they eventually hugged and wished a warm farewell.The snowman went back to his position and James went back to bed.

Unfortunately,the next morning the snowman had melted but James knew he should remember the snowman as a friend…


Pure white flakes covered the beautiful,green frosted ground! Finn woke up with a BIG yawn and saw a big white snow blanket
covering the trees, garden and house! Finn got changed as quick
as a flash and sprinted downstairs past his Mum and Dad who are
having a nice cup of tea.

Finn ran outside and started building a snowman!!!
He built the most magnificent snowman ever!!! It was the best snowman he
had built by far!He asked his Mum for a hat and scarf and then he ran outside
to his snowman with a stool.

Finn put the finishing touches on his snowman.
His Mum called him inside for some dinner.After dinner Finn went upstairs
and brushed his teeth. His Mum tucked him up in bed , in no time at all
Finn was fast asleep.

Finn turned and fiddled in his sleepless night.”I need to see that snowman,” he whispered to
himself.He got up out of bed and looked out of the window and kept on saying to himself,
“Don’t go downstairs,don’t go downstairs!”But as you could imagine,he went downstairs.
Finn tiptoed downstairs to get a peek out of the window. As Finn gazed out of the window,
the Grandfather Clock struck midnight.There was a blinding light on the Snowman’s big plump back.HE WAS ALIVE!!!!!!The snowman waved at Finn as he was sprinting to the door!
Finn opened the door,”How do you do?” asked the snowman whilst he was bowing gracefully through the wind.”Do you want to come inside?”asked Finn.The Snowman
replied,”I would love to!”.The snowman went into the living room.”OOH! What’s this may I ask?”said the Snowman in a confused way.”This is what us humans call a living room,”
replied Finn.

The Snowman sat on the sofa and started stroking Finn’s cat.The cat (Bob)
got so scared that he done a big shriek, “MMMEEEOOOWWW!!!!”Which scared the snowman so Finn decided to take him to the Christmas Tree.He looked into a bauble
and…..WOW!!! he was amazed.
“look can you see this,really!, look!,look!”shouted the snowman excitedly.”I know right, it’s weird isn’t it,” replied Finn.”Yeah,” said the snowman.The snowman went and sat down.Finn put the television on (which is the best thing in the world in my opinion!!!)

After thirty seconds or so the Snowman started feeling hotter and hotter until Finn noticed
that the snowman was getting hot so he quickly rushed the snowman to the kitchen.
It was 12:30 am now and the snowman started being silly. He put different noses on
himself ( e.g. banana , apple orange ) The snowman Finn started laughing and laughing!!!
Finn took the snowman upstairs to his Mum’s room.

The snowman put some makeup on and put Finns Dads clothes on and then he put a pipe in his mouth when suddenly…..a…a…a…..Finn quickly took his Dad’s clothes off the snowman
…a…a…a…and wiped the makeup off the snowman’s face and rushed him outside of his
parents room and ACHOOOO!!!!! sneezed the snowman.

Finn took the snowman outside.The snowman hopped onto a motorbike that was outside.He
done a donut around Finn.The snowman told Finn to get on , and he did!!!They rode around the forest on the old rusty and dusty motorbike.

Half an hour later they arrived back at their house and then the snowman started running,Finn grabbed onto his hand and in no time at all they were flying!!!They flew past villages , houses , boats and lakes!They both were in the North Pole!!!


He walks away slowly to cheer him up he made a snowman his mum gave him a stall,three berries,scarf,hat and a peach [for snowman] when the snowman was done it was time to go to bed he brushed his teeth he ran into his room and leaped into bed and went to sleep.
He woke up just before the clock struck 12.When it did the snowman came alive!
He turned around and bowed at James.James let him in he walked into the front room.He looked at the kitten and started to stroke it the cat woke up and snowman had never seen a christmas tree before even I would be confused.

He looked at a bell and touched it he looked at another one started scratching him he jumped and fell back… and bumed the tree James the lights on the tree he was amazed James was amazed he was thinking that the


“That’s what I call a snowman”.

When James went upstairs for bed his mum told him to have a shower and brush his teeth
so james did. After that,he went to his bedroom and checked if the snowman was okay.
Next his mum tucked him into bed and she kissed the boy on the forehead, but he couldn’t sleep at all he admired the snowman so much he just wanted to stay up.

Suddenly,the clock struck midnight and a bright light hit him and it was coming from the snowman james went downstairs to get a better look of it.He felt a little bit weird for a second because the snowman was alive.He didn’t know what to do but really the snowman was very kind to him.

“Nice to meet you”.

James led the snowman to the living room the snowman was very excited.They both went to the living room to have some fun.The snowman went close to the tall bright courlerful christmas tree and grabbed the gold shiney star that was on top of the amazing tree.After a sudden moment the snowman was on dads armchair,but the snowman didn’t look carefully because he was near the fire and he was facing the tv that made his eyes go crazy,so james pulled the snowman of the armchair and led him to the kitchen.

“You can change your nose if you want to”.

James really loved the snowman, so he did lots of fun things with the snowman like switching the snowman’s nose with other fruits that made both of them laugh a lot.Next they went up into james parents bedroom. James pleaded the snowman to be careful so he doesn’t wake mum and dad up.They both kept touching things like wearing dads uniform and putting mum’s blush and foundation on that made james smile and laugh.


After five minutes,they both went outside together the snowman spotted a red shiney vehicle at the edge of his eye.He ran backwards to the bike and started to play around with it james was worried if his mum and dad were awake.After a minute they were in the middle of the garden.They both landed with a thump on the ground the snowman was running very fast and suddenly the snowman started to fly james grabbed his hand and they both were ready for their journey.

“wow this is amazing”.

James couldn’t belive his eyes that he was flying over the sea and the tall famous
mountains and villages the air was beating towards James face.After an hour they arrived at this lovely farm yard he heard fantastic classic music playing and on the other side he saw snowmen dancing and they carefully landed on the ground the snowmen were welcoming james.James was wondering if this was the snowman’s family they all had fun and eating treats.The snowman led james into a little shelter where santa was.Santa passed a wrapped up christmas present james wanted to stay but it was time for him to go.

“Today was a fun day”.

When they both got home it was almost two o’clock in the morning james ran rapidly upstairs and jumped into his bed for a good night sleep.The next day james got up and ran all the way downstairs and outside into the garden but he couldn’t see anything there was no trace of the snowman.It.was.gone.!!!


James picks up a snowball and threw it at the kitchen window,his mum opened the window “come inside you naughty brat!”she shouted like an elephant getting stabbed with a sword.He then started rolling a giant ball of snow like he was going to create a “world war3 of snow!The ball was like a giant reaching for a mountain. James went inside to have his diner.When he got inside he felt like he climbed a mountain.James looked outside and saw the pure,white, cotton snowman.
“James bedtime” stated dad.James went upstairs and brushed his teeth and put on his pyjamas. Then he went to bed and got to sleep.
James woke up in the middle of the night and sprinted down stairs and looked out the window of the front door and saw the snowman sparkle.The snowman came to life and turned around and looked at James!James let the snowman in the house!
The snowman and James walted into the living room and straoked the cat.
The cat looked at the snowman and jumped with fear!The snowman backed up into the christmas tree.They looked at thereselfs in the borball.Then sat on the sofa and then the snowman started to melt so they ran to the kitchen freezer and cooled down the snowman.
Then James and the snowman went into his mum and dad’s room!They put James`dads clothes on the snowman.The snowman needed to sneeze so they took the clothes of the snowman and went into the hallway to
sneeze.”ACHOOOOOOO!”sneezed the snowman.James showed him to his room opened a music box and started dancing.When they got out the snowman saw a cover “what is that.”He asked.
“I don’t know”Replied James.”let’s find out”James declared.
“Ok”replied the snowman,they went outside and pulled off the cover
“it’s a motorbike!”exclaimed James
The snowman had got on,so they raod it through the the trees and once they got home. The snowman went in a freezer in the shed and then started to fly with james to the north pole.First they saw a ship then a blue whale and penguins.Then they came across a spooky forest. They walked through it!They saw a giant wave of snowmen.They found santa.


The boy got tucked into his warm,fluffy bed by his mum.He was to excited about the snowman that he crept downstairs but tried not to wake his parents.He looked out the window but suddenly the old grandfathers clock struck midnight! He looked back out of the window and magicly the snowman came to life and waved!James let him in the snowman waved his hat at the boy and the snowman was very polite and a good gentleman.So the boy let him in.Firstly the snowman and James whent into the lounge the fire was on and James put the tv on the snowmans eyes were going round and round like he was being hypnotised.Suddenly the snowman was starting to boil so as quick as a struck of lightning James turned the tv of and took the snowman into the kitchen.The snoman found a cake topping Which looked just like himself and thought it was very clever.

After that he mysteriously started to change noses from a tamberine to a apple,banana and a pear! It was really funny but a few minutes later he changed back to a tamberine.After that James and the snowman went into the boy’s Mum and Dads room.After that the snowman started to play dress up.He changed into the boy’s Mum and Dads clothing it was hilarious! After that they went into the boy’s bedroom the snowman started to mess about putting on the music box ,the snowman started to dance to the ballerina in the music box suddenly he fell onto a train he danced with the train as if he was ice skating.After that they went outside and the snowman
flew of with the boy.They came to an ice frozen place it was the North Pole! When they arrived there were loads of snowmen everywhere they started to dance with James and as well as dancing they showed him the way to get to Father Christmas when they arrived Father Christmas gave him a huge present.After that the snowman and the boy flew home.The next day the snowman had sadly melted away.But the good thing
was that today it was Christmas Day! Suddenly their was a bang it was the snowman he had turned evil and was going to stop christmas! The terrifying evil snowman crashed through the house and stole the christmas tree.

James turned round and saw father christmas on his sleigh whith his reindeer “hop on he said lets stop that snowman from stopping christmas”said santa.After a while James and father christmas caught up with the snowman “you wont catch me” said the snowman while throwing a christmas tree at the sleighs engine. “Ahhhhhhhh! were falling “ said james while screaming! “ The engines not working! were stuck in the snow for good now” sighed father christmas.” Come on theres a train station near here!” shouted James.After that James and father christmas whent into the train and saw the evil snowman! The evil snowman pushed James and father christmas and jumped onto the trains roof.”Come back!” shouted James and father christmas while jumping onto the train.”Bye” said the evil snowman while flying away on his jetpack.”Lets stay on the train and on our travels we might see his secret lair” said father christmas.

Father christmas and james finaly found the evil snowmans secret lair they whent in and saw the evil snowman! “mwahahaha your to late! I am going to press this button and it will never be sunny again” ” Not for long” said father christmas while presing the sunny buton “Noooooo!” said the snowman while melting. ” Now lets get it back to snow form for christmas” After that they all lived happily ever after and james and father christmas gave everything back to the people.


James got shiny, white blankets of snow and rolls it up into a cotton ball. He swung his thin, wobbly arms as he through the cotton like snowball it hits the window and went “BANG”.
“You naughty boy stop this instance!”raged James mum

“Sorry mum.”murmured James sadly

James dragged his feet away miserably.

James then got a brilliant idea to BUILD A SNOWMAN which he did build a snowman.James started to make up the body out of cotton snow and builded it up like the “EIFFEL TOWER”! He goes to the house to eat his lunch, then he goes back outside to build the snowman. James rolls up a ball of shiny white snow…

This time he didn’t use it to throw he used it to make the head! he carried the head up and put it on top of the snowman’s body. He went to look at the snowman, and is very impressed with himself!

After he has done the head and the body he goes to do all the accessories.When he had done the accessories he went inside to stay near the fire place with his mum and dad,when it was late his dad told him to go to bed so he replied and said “Okay dad!,”

Later that night James couldn’t sleep so he got up but it was cold so he put his dressing gown on and went downstairs to the front door… and it was midnight…

Magicly the snowman came alive “WOW!” expressed James

The glistening snowman bowed to James and James welcomed the snowman into
the house. The snowman entered the house impatiently and went into the living room! .They explored the living room and the snowman fell on the christmas tree!They saw their reflection in the ballball and the snowman rung the bell on the christmas tree. the snowman left to sit on the chair and he got really hot because he was next to the fire place and the warm fan was blown on him…

James pulled him out of the chair and they rushed to the kitchen.They started to play with the light on off on off on off .The snowman used different fruits and changed his nose after he changed his nose they explored the cupboard.They ran up to James mum and dad’s room!

“Shhh so we don’t wake them up”whispered James

They went into their mum and dad’s bedroom .Then James put mum’s blush on the snowman.snowman.He also put mum’s best hat on. James and the snowman went into dad’s closet. They put on some of dad’s clothes on…

BUT the snowman needed to sneeze

“Try and hold the sneeze”whispered James
“I….I….I can’t.”announced the snowman

They went out of their room…


They troted of to James’s room the snowman danced BUT he fell onto James’s roller skates then the snowman fell on the balloons he didn’t trip though.

The snowman saw the motor bike out of the window they rushed down stairs outside to try it.Once they got outside James tried to pull the motorbike cover off but he couldn’t so the snowman did and it got off.James explained how to use it and the snowman circled round James and he told James to get on they saw things like some hares .They went through the woods and James was scared so they went back .

“FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”screeched James, the fox went over the road

They went back

They started to run outside and started to fly!They flew over scotland and headed north,they saw more snowmen
“Come with us to the north pole and quick!”yelled the snowman
“Ok i’m coming with ten friends.”replied a snowman they all flew together over the atlantic ocean and passed a cruise ship
“What was that?!I must be drunk.”screamed a blue suited man .The snowman also flew below a whale’s tale.Suddenly they saw the aurora borealis.
“To the north pole!”yelled the snowman.Once they get to the north pole they walk through a werewolf like woods.Once they got through the creepy woods they were at a party!!!They danced and danced then Santa called to James
“Follow me young boy to my reindeer and sleigh shed for a present!”

Santa went and gave him a snowman scarf

“Thank You santa I really like the scarf” exclaimed James

The snowman and James went back home they gave each other a big hug.James had to go to sleep so he did …

The very minute he woke up he rushed down stairs he opened the door he was depressed his snowman had melted.He cried in pain and was miserable for a long time.


The boy strolled inside for a delicious dinner.
“How did you make that?”the boy asked ecstatically.
“My secret recipe,”mum replied.
When he had finished, he went up to his room to go to bed. His mum came upstairs and gave him a goodnight kiss. Although the exhausted boy was extra tired, he couldn’t get to sleep. He just couldn’t stop thinking about his snowman. He had to have a glimpse of the satisfying snow creature. Quietly, he crept to his beautiful, glass window to check on his wonderful creation. Secretly, he snuck down stairs to see his splendid snowman.
“Woah!” said the boy. Suddenly the snow man began to glow brighter than the sun. The snowman had become alive! At first it was very illogical to the boy but he didn’t care later on because the snowman looked so friendly and he couldn’t help but want to play with the snowman. Gracefully, the snowman bowed and politely shook hands with the boy.
“Hello young man. How do you do little boy?”the snow gentleman asked kindly.
“Fine thank you,”the boy answered.”Would you like to come inside? If you do, you have to make sure you’re super quite. Do you understand?”
“I understand, anyway, I’m a bit bored, so I would love to come inside your vast house, if that is OK of course,”the snow creation whispered excitedly.
“Of course it’s okay. I just asked you if you wanted to come inside, silly. Now follow me then,”the boy replied tiredly and a little bit annoyed.
Then they both crept inside the house, hoping they wouldn’t be seen by the boy’s strict parents. First, the boy showed the fascinating snowman the lounge.
When the snowman saw the black cat sleeping peacefully on the rug next to the fire he had to stroke it. As a result the cat jumped at him and the snowman got such a shock he went tumbling backwards into the Christmas tree. Luckily the snowman didn’t knock the Christmas tree over completely and it only wobbled. After the snowman picked up a bauble.The snow creature seemed to like the baubles on the Christmas tree because of his reflection. He looked at his handsome reflection and was so shocked that he dropped the red baubles and tripped over it. The boy gave a little snigger.
“That was hilarious!”the boy laughed quietly.
“That’s not funny,that is not funny at all!”the amazing creature bellowed with a stern look on his face.
“Sit down on the couch. At least you can’t knock anything over then,”the boy moaned effortlessly. The snowman obeyed the boy and sat on the sofa. The boy switched the TV on for the snow creature to watch.
After a while, the TV and the fireplace started to get to hot for the snowman. The boy quickly realised the danger and took the snowman into the kitchen.
“Oo, it’s a nose!”yelled the snowman excitedly.
“No, that’s not a nose, it’s a…” But the snowman had already tried it on.
“Put that back, and don’t try on a new or you will get caught!”the boy whispered sternly, “because they will have snow on them. Now follow me you big silly.”
“Fine, whatever,”the snowman groaned back.
Next the boy showed the snowman the freezer. He loved it. He loved it so much he stood in front of it until the boy finally closed it.
After that, the boy showed the snowman his parent’s bedroom. His parents were fast asleep in their warm, comfortable bed dreaming of what they will do tomorrow. Excitedly, the snowman ran to the boy’s mum’s make-up table. Surprisingly, the snow creature put some lipstick and some blush on his soggy, wet, white face. He looked super silly.
“Ew, that’s disgusting! It’s also meant for women and girls,”the boy exclaimed.
Oh, sorry,” the snowman answered.
“Who cares!” whispered the boy. “It doesn’t matter.”
Next, the gentlemanly snowman put Dad’s T shirt on. He looked hilarious! The cheeky boy giggled a little bit.
“Rrr, it’s not funny.” the snowman growled. “Well, possibly a little tiny bit funny but only a little.”
“A little, a lot!”the boy answered laughing as quietly as he could.
After a little bit they decided tiptoed out of the boy’s parent’s room. and to the passage window The snow creation saw a green blanket covering up something. The snowman was very curious about what was under old, green blanket.Being as quite as they could the snowman and the boy crept down the stairs and out into the garden. Happily the snowman flung the blanket off the mysterious thing. Underneath the blanket was a motorbike. ”Woah!!!!!!! That looks cool why don’t we take it for a spin!”exclaimed the snowman.
“I’m not so sure about taking it for a spin. None of us know how to use it. You can try if you like.Be careful though will you?”replied the boy nervously.
“Yes, yes, I will. Now, let’s go on a ride!” the snow creature yelled excitedly.
ZOOM!!! The motorbike wizzed past the house quicker than a cheetah at full speed.
“Wow!!!! you can really ride that thing! Let me get on?”shouted the boy.
“I’ll let you on but you ought to be quite or we’ll get caught like you said. You little, silly,”whispered the snowman doing his best impression of the boy. As fast as lightning the boy jumped onto the back of the motorbike and the sped off into the woods. ”AAAHHHHHH!!!!”screamed the boy holding the snow tighter and tighter as they went faster and faster. After a little while the snowman turned around and they went back home. When the snowman arrived back at the house the snow man leapt off the motorbike and began to run. Then the boy jumped off the motorbike and ran after the snowman and he grabbed the snowman’s arm.
Suddenly, the snowman and the boy started to float.
“What is happening? I want my Mummy!” The boy cried.
“Don’t worry I won’t drop you. You’re going to meet a kinder person than your Mummy…” the snowman replied.
After a while, the boy started to enjoy flying. They soared through the splendid sky while bellowing: woo and wee.
“This is fun, really fun!” the boy shouted joyfully.
“I know, but we are nearly here now,” the snow creation answered.
Soon, they arrived at a huge, snow palace which seemed like the north pole. They raced each other to what seemed like the back garden. In the back garden, a man in a red coat and hat was waiting for them. It was Santa Claus! He was wearing his normal Santa Claus outfit but with a white apron. On his face he had the most warming smile you could imagine.
“Let’s have lot’s of fun dancing everybody, woo!” Santa Claus yelled.
At that point, everybody started dancing like they were on stage. They ate pizza, drank coke and had the time of their lives. Santa called the boy to come with him and took him to see his magnifisent sleigh and magical reindeer. While the boy stroked the reindeer Santa got a present for the boy it was a snowman scarf.The boy thanked Santa and put it on.
Soon, it was time for the boy to go home. The snow creature flew the boy all the way home.
“Goodnight, little boy,” the snowman whispered gently.
“Merry Christmas, and a happy new year,” the boy replied.
In the morning, the boy woke up to see a melted snowman in his garden.
“Goodbye, friend,” he whispered.


As James rolled up the snowball, the snowman started to transform as tall as a giant.Then he sprinted across the delicate cotton snow like a cheetah to try and build it up. Rapidly, he drifted into the house to get more details for his snowman.”Are you alright hun?.”asked his mum.

“Yes thank you.” he replied as he raced upstairs. In a blink of an eye he was back in the front yard staring up at the humungus snowman.Then James sprang up onto the brittle,oak stool and placed the cole and the orange up onto the face of the snowman with excitment.After that his mum called in from the kitchen window and said “James it is time to come in now.” she kindly called.

“OK see you snowman.” he whispered.Then he glided like a surfer across the shiny white blankets of snow until he got into his mouse like house.After he had arrived at his house he sat down in front of the red, flaming fire with his parents.”Time to go to bed now.” declared his dad.So James ran upstairs and got into his pinjamers. Then James started to brush his teeth . After he had brushed his teeth he dived into his bed like Tom Daily thn he got into his covers and his mum kissed him to bed and he went to sleep (fakely).

Later on after he had faked a sleep he carefully tiptoed down stairs in his slippers and out the front door.Then in his horror he saw snowman magicly turned alive and then gracefully took a bow in front of him.After James had calmed down the snowman slowly took a couple of strides towards him. Then they both stepped into the house and then wonderd into the living room.Next after they had nearly explored the whole house they went towards the christmas tree. Then dramaticly the snowman fell into the christmas tree with shock.
“Are you okay.” whispered James.

“Fine thank you.”he replied.

“Okay now just don’t touch anything got it.”James told the
snowman.“Yes.”Replied the snowman.Then they both peered into the ball balls as they watched their faces zoom in.”Cool.”said the snowman.
“Anyway it’s probably time to leave this room now and go outside.”announced James.

“Okay.” answered the snowman.

James and the snowman came outside and started to run rapidly with an astonishing speed across the cold but amazingly soft snow! Then mysteriously
they rows up merrily like a balloon but James was very suspicious of what the snowman could do soon they were at the north pole and walking through a dreaded forest until they got to the end of it…just then James couldn’t believe his eyes he saw a group of ALIVE! snowmen and snowwomen dancing and all the the snowman did was danced with them casual after they finished dancing santa came out now were and James and the snowman danced and also he danced with another snowman but then James and the snowman started to dance again but they fell into a pile of snow.

After that they both flew back to James’s house James was just about to go inside but he speeded back to the snowman to give him a last,big hug. A couple of minutes later James went inside to go to bed and to make sure his parents didn’t see him when they woke up.The next day James joyfully sprang out of his bed and then rapidly ran down the red,wool stairs and out the back door.Although to James’s horror he saw the snowman all crushed and melted and all over the cold,frozen ground as James shedded a tear!

Kai saw a varsed sea of snow and white and he smashed thrower the snow in his boots.
Then he went to throw a snowball at the house that smashed on the kitchen window .His mum telled him off and he wondered off in the snow . In a moball of snow to make the body of his snowman he was excited to do it. Kai care on with the cold around him .Then it was dinner time and his mum called him in for a jore dropping rost dinner. Then he glaired out of the window at his snowman in the cold as his dad told him to go to bed.
Kai tried to sleep but he wanted to see his snowman one more time .
As he tumbled down the steps to a magic world he looked out
and in a while a colorful light flu around the snowman….
It was borterfall then in a flash it stopped it was …
“Arrrrrrr it is a live! It is dred fall , ashye it mite be good , I well, arrrrr
it is cumemin to me. “
Kindly the snowman barld to kai greceworll.
Hi frend. Errrrrrrr hi pleca come in but shhhhhh miyer parents are a seelp .
To there their wartck in to the laser as they tip toes into the room the cat jumped in a dass
the snowman tombor to the tree.
It is a ballball .
Wawer is round and siney .
And is fun as well snowman.
Kai took the snowman to the cherl and tuern on the tv.
The snowman is ingred in the lgih but the booling room made him fill hot.
Kai drack the snowman out of the room to the kitchen .
Look snowman .How are you doing that.
The light switch.
Come look at the froot .
The snowman picket up a pair and put it on for a noes .
And a nuffer and a nuffer.
Ok snowman lesse go on up stees as
their want up to his parnts room.
They went up and the snowman glerd at the the dads teeth and the snowman weld it in his math and small at kai whith it and kai took the snowman to the clarsit and puted the snowman in some clothes on him and kai got a hat and a bowtiy and and…
Errrrrr ok .

Twisting and turning in his bed.

Ben was so excited about his snowman that he went to his window.
“I feel so cold,”Ben shivered
“I think I should go back to bed?”
Despite he was twisting and turning like a loonatik he was so eager to see his snowman so he went downstairs … it struck 12 o’clock! Ding Dong! With a glimmer of sparkle he became …..ALIVE!!!!!

“Oh hello young gentleman.What is your name?”interrogated the snowman.
“Oh my name is Ben,”answered James
“Come in come in BUT be very quiet!”
They went in the living room and the clumsy equisite snowman bumped into the artificial christmas tree.
And saw himself in the red silky,soft bauble which was on Ben’s christmas.

“Come in the kitchen!”Ben said excitedly
“Oh what is this?”the snowman thought
and he changed his nose with a yellow banana,green pear,red ripe apple
“Ha ha ha!”Ben laughed in joy when the snowman tickled him with his pineapple nose.
“We have to be very quiet this is my parents room so
shh!”Ben quietly told the snowman
Then the snowman putted on mum’s and dad’s old fashioned clothes.Then the snowman puts on mum’s makeup which was in her posh makeup kit.

“Why are we flying?”Ben asked
“Because I’ve got a suprise awaiting for you my child,”the snowman replied

“Here we are at the North pole to see Santa!”

“Santa!”Ben saw
Then they started to dance merrily and also sing ‘we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year’
Then santa gave Ben a present it was a blue stary scarf

“Thank you Santa for the present!”Ben said

And of the snowman and Ben went back to Ben’s house by flying balmy in the soft winter air.
Unfortunately, when Ben woke up he dashed outside as lightning but the snowman had melted.


Quickly James woke up in his comfortable warm king-sized bed. It was a glittery, snowy morning. James sprinted out of his bed like a cheetah.He got changed as quickly as i could
i put my hat and coat on. I legged it out the the glass door.
The little boy got tucked into bed by his mother. He felt worried because the snowman was in the cold outside. The boy hopped out of bed and crept down the stairs to check the snowman.He looked through the glass door and saw the freezing death cold of its body.
Then he saw a flashing light in the snowman’s body. Suddenly the clock rang because it was midnight. The boy took the snowman’s hand to the kitchen, he show’d the snowman the freezer and the snowman liked it the most of all in the house. Then they went outside,
the snowman saw a motorbike . He rode it as quickly as the motorbike could go. He rode in circles and once the boy lost him but suddenly he came back in a flash. He asked James to go on the motorbike he grabbed his hand and pushed him up . The snowman was going dead fast on that motorbike as he was riding the snow was exploding . The snowman grabbed James’ hand, they took off, they were both flying to the North Pole . James was enjoying the wind blowing in his face as he was gliding through the air. James and the snowman could see the North Pole. They were so close they were running in the air. At last they got their and saw santa and other snowmen. After flying through the tough oceans santa wanted James to see something. It turned out to be santa’s sleigh and presents. After that James and the snowman went outside and everyone danced and had some food. It was time for James to go home so they flew back home. He was tired and went to bed saying goodbye to the snowman and giving him a huge hug.
The next day James whizzed out of my bed and went outside to check the snowman and he melted in a soft and dreamy way.


James was playing in the snow and decided to build a snowman.
So he made a ball out of snow and it was a big,white snow ball.
He decided he didn’t want it to be round and so he got a shovel
and started to shape it to how he wanted it.once it was how he
wanted it he started to make the head.He put the eyes,mouth and
noise.Then the hat and scarf.When he finished,he went to bed.

But over night the snowman came to life and Jame woke up…
He looked out of the window but he saw nothing apart from the
still snowman and so he went down stairs and looked out the
lounge window.Then he saw


James looked outside and saw his snowman but it felt like it was different .After looking at it for 3 seconds after midnight it turned around and faced James!The Snowman walked toward the door and James was more than happy to welcome him in.”Hello would you like to sit down,”James asked The Snowman, “Don’t worry I’m harmless.”
The Snowman started stroking the cat which eventually woke him up and the cat took one look at The Snowman and gave a big HISS then ran off.
The Snowman admired the christmas tree and just had to ask “why do you have a tree in
your house?”
Being the kind person he is James replied with “It is so we can decorate it and put presents under for Christmas Day!”
The Snowman saw a bell and couldn’t help himself wanting to make it go DING-A-LING .He also saw a baul baul and could see his reflection .”What kind of magic is this,”The Snowman exclaimed in a panicked manner,”It has my face trapped in it !!!“
James worried his new friend might have a fit said”Don’t worry old chap it’s only your reflection .”
The Snowman being overwhelmed by all new information had to sit down and let it all sink in and said “Oh ok, whew is it me or is it hot in here?”
The Snowman fanned himself and James took that as a warning that The Snowman is melting so he guided him away from the fire that was burning in the room.

James took The Snowman to his mum and dad’s room where he was sure The Snowman would not melt at all.First The Snowman messed with dad’s clothes THEN mum’s makeup and to top it all off he almost gave the biggest sneeze!!!!!!


James rolled a big ball out of the shiny,glistaning snow.As he built the snowman the air was full of cold and James was as frozen as frost.After he had finished making the snowman’s delicate,frosty body his mum called him in for some lunch.He ate his lunch whilst gazing at the magnificent snowman that he had made.He was very proud of it.

Then he dragged a stepladder out into the shiny,white blanket of snow so that he could place the head on top of the snowman’s body.Once James had accomplished this task he went inside to ask his mother if he could take the spare hat and scarf for his splendid snowman.When his mum gave him the spare hat and scarf he sprinted outside to put them on the snowman.Then he ran back inside and choose a nice ripe orange from the fruit bowl to use as the snowman’s nose.And then he went back and placed the orange in the middle of the snowman’s head.After that he ran to a little shed where the coal was kept.And then he picked out three big bits of coal for the buttons and two little pieces for the eyes.After he had collected the coal he needed he put them in the right position.

After he had finished his snowman and he was pleased with it he slowly drooped inside.Straight away he looked outside through the shiny,polished window whilst his dad was toasting some bread.Then James’s mum told James to sit down and eat his dinner so he did.After he ate his dinner it was his bedtime.

James ran up the glistening,oak staircase and travelled to the bathroom and started to brush his teeth.Whilst he was doing his teeth he was looking out of the bathroom window.After he had finished his teeth he went to his room and he got his pajamas on.Then he dived into his bed like a dolphin and tried to get to sleep.James shuffled a lot and couldn’t go to sleep.

In the end James jumped out of bed and looked out of the window.The snowman was still standing on his feet and was not in pieces.After a while James got cold and started to shiver and then he went back to bed.And then he started to wriggle again.James jumped out of bed at midnight and got his dressing gown on and ran back down the glistening,oak staircase and was staring at the clock.When the clock struck twelve the snowman started to sparkle and in a split second the snowman was alive.James was shocked and gave a loud gasp.James opened the door to see more clearly the snowman then gave James a wave.The snowman slowly walked closer to James and gave a bowled down like a gentleman.James shook hands with the snowman and gave the snowman permission to go and explore around the house and make the snowman welcome.The snowman was very delighted.

The snowman and James travelled into the living room.The first thing that the snowman did was stroke the cat the cat started to wriggle because he liked it so much.When the cat opened it’s eyes it was shocked and he jumped up and ran away and at the same time the snowman fell backwards and hit the christmas tree.Straight away James jumped up and helped the snowman get up.The christmas tree had bell that made a gentle,soft music and as the snowman heard the music he went over to the christmas tree and started to play with the bell.After he looked at a ball ball and he sore a reflection of himself.As he looked closer his head got bigger.After the snowman had finished James had a quick turn.Then James pulled out a chair and the snowman sat down.James also put the television on and the snowman enjoyed the show.After a while the snowman got hot because the fire was reflecting on his back.As quickly as possible James ramed the snowman out of the living room and rushed him into the kitchen.

First James opens the fridge so that the snowman could cool of.The snowman thought it was very fresh.When the snowman was back to normal James danced around the kitchen table.Then the snowman caught an eye of the fruit bowl and started to change his nose he put a apple,pear,banana and last of all a pineapple.When he had the pineapple on his face he tickling James with it and James laughed really loud.

Next they went upstairs into James’s parents room.When James first got in the room he turned the bedroom light on.The snowman was near James’s dad and was about to stroke him but James managed to stop him in time.Then the snowman found a pair of teeth and put them in his mouth and then he gave a big smile.After he spat the teeth out he put some blush on his cheek and then walked over to the wardrobe.James dressed the snowman up in his dad’s clothes and put his mum’s hat on his head.Then the snowman was about to sneeze so James ripped the clothes off of him and folded them neatly and then pushed the snowman out of the room and then he gave a big SNEEZE!In a hurry James took the snowman into his room.

The snowman was impressed with his room and was very happy.James smiled at the snowman and opened up a little box and the box had a little man dancing and it was making a wonderful piece of music.The snowman was very entertained by the music he started to dance.A few seconds later James joined in and the snowman and James were prancing around the room tougher.James and the snowman were dancing for about five minutes and then they stopped.Then they look out the window and saw something covered with a blanket.

They rushed down the oak staircase and rushed into the garden that was covered with white,fresh blanket of snow.They ran over to the blanket and pulled it off and underneath was a shiny,red motorbike.Then James told the snowman how to work it and the snowman put on the helmet and jumped on the bike.All of a sudden the motorbike roared and he was off.He did a full round of the garden and then went to James and scooped him up.James was scared at first and then he got his confidence and they went roaring through the forest.They bumped into a fox,owl,horse and some rabbits.After a while they travelled back home.

They soon got home and went into the shed.The shed had a small box freezer witch the snowman sat on.The snowman thought it was really relaxing it was so nice on top of it he actually got into it.When the snowman got into it he found a bag of peas and he put them on his head.After a few seconds the snowman jumped out of the freezer and asked James if he would go on a trip with him.

What will he say?

James had no answer at the moment the snowman walked outside slowly and was very upset.James was worried that his parents would wake up and find out that he had gone missing.James didn’t want the snowman to be upset so he ran out and grabbed his hand and they both started to run.As they were running their feet started to lift of and a few seconds later they were both flying in the air.


James made a pure white, glistening snowball.With the snowball he rolled it across the the shiny,white blanket.James built the snowbal
pure,white snowman.Then he made another snowball, to make the white, round snowy head.Then James went into his warm lit house to get the perfect things for the snowy snowman.The things he got are:2 stones for the eyes,a carrot for his nose and 3 blocks of coal for the snowman’s buttons.For the clothing he got a hat as green as grass and a scarf like a stem of a flower.James is called in by his mum and wanted to build more so storms off into the house.Whilst he was inside he sat on the windowsill and watched the snowman standing like a statue in the cold windy, night.James’s father called him over to toast bread on the fire.

James’s father told James to go to bed when the clock strikes 7:30.James ran like the wind so excitedly upstairs to brush his teeth,then he put on his PJ’s and front flipped into bed.James couldn’t get to sleep and he was wiggling like a worm.He get’s up and discovered that the old posh,clock has hit 00:00.James put his dressing gown on and tiptoed down stairs.He looked out the window door and a bright,glamorous twinkle shines were the snowman was standing and suddenly the snowman was alive.

James was amazed by what he could see,the snowman looked round at James and bows down to him while he was bowing the snowman took his hat off.James was over the moon by what he had built.
“Woooooow!” James said stunned by the snowman.
“Woow!” the snowman said back at James because the snowman had never seen a human before.

James and the snowman walked over to each other in pleasure they both smiled at each other.When the snowman reached the warm,snugged boy and James reaches the cold,snowy snowman they introduce each other first James introduced himself. Then the snowman said “I’m pleased to meet you i’m the snowman that you made.”
After they had introduced each other James invited the snowman into the warm,fired house.

So the snowman walked into the warm house but it might be a bit too warm.They all went into the living room.They sat down by the fire and stroked the cat while it was sleeping then suddenly the black,old cat awoke from his peaceful sleep by the warm,cosy fire.So the snowman and James walked over to the beautiful decorated tree.James bent down to turn on the colourful lights.The snowman was stunned by the christmas lights.They both looked at a bauble and the snowman said to James facinated
“Wow look at my face it looks massive!”
“I know it is wonderful.”
The snowman looked at a bell and then he kept on ringing it and then the white,bulgy snowman accidentally rang the bell to hard and nearly woke up James’s parents.After he had rang that bell they went to sit in front of the fire.But the snowman started to get hot and he nearly melted like you just had turned a baking hot shower on.

Then they both went into the kitchen and James turned on the lights.They both went over to the sink, the snowman didn’t know what to do.So he accendentlly turned on the hot tap instead of the cold tap.When he turned the hot,steamy tap on he got really hot and couldn’t stand it.Then James and the snowman went away,where the snowman was trying on different noses like,pears,oranges,apples.

James and the snowman went upstairs into James’s mum and dad’s room.The snowman went over to the pretty,little dresser where James’s mum kept her makeup.The snowman thought it would be funny if he put on the bright,glamorous blusher.After they went to the wardrobe where dad and mum kept all of their clothes.The snowman tried on some of James’s dad’s clothes.

After that they went into James’s warm,lit,cosy room.The clumsy snowman snowman nearly walk on the train track.The snowman was wobbling all over the place.James turned on the pretty,pink ballerina box that makes a ballerina sound,it was beautiful.The snowman and James put on blue roller skates on and started dancing all over the place,but the snowman saw a cover over a motorbike.So the snowman and James start to go down the polished,oak stairs

The snowman finds a motorbike and starts to ride the old,rusty motorbike.James looks shocked and is calling the snowman to stop but doesn’t.
“Hey!Snowman come back !” James shouts at the snowman.
“I’m only having fun”the pure white snowman says back to James.

The snowman get’s of the old,rusty motorbike.He walks back to james ,grabs him and takes them both to the motorbike.They travel the white,blanket village.They went everywhere and come back to the house.The pure,white snowman has a sad look on his face and wants to go to the north pole.The snowman rushed James outside and they glide to travel to the north pole. They both passed the other children.They passed a cruise ship and the rainbow,colourful northern lights.They went to a party in the north pole.After they partied,James went into santa’s workshop. He got a blue scarf and they went back home.

When they got home James gave the snowman one last hug and then went into his warm cosy bed.When the boy waked up he ran straight outside to find the snowman collapsed in a pile of snow.James sadly gave the snowman his blue scarf and goes on his knees.

I wonder what will happen to James next?.


It was a cold winters day, and Ben woke up all excited, he jumped up, slammed some clothes on and stormed downstairs. When he opened the front door, he saw the garden was beautiful,magical,winter wonderland. In his mind, he thought that he should build a snowman. But instead, he built a snowball and chucked the snowball at his Mum and Dad’s window. His Mum gave Ben a stern look. He decided to not do it again. And he built a snowman. Then he asked his Mum if he could use the green hat and scar , a tangerine, some coal for the eyes, the snowman’s buttons and used his finger and drew a smile.
Finally, Ben’s mum called him in for tea and when Ben was eating his tea, he stares out of the window and keeps his eyes on the snowman. He feels like the snowman looking after him. Tuhen Ben’s mother called him to go to bed.

Ben could not sleep a wink, he tossed and turned then he decided to get up it was extremly
cold!So he hopped down the stairs and looked through the window.Then he heard the clock
stroke midnight it was quite scary but it was also magical THE SNOWMAN HAD COME ALIVE!!!!He was a friendly chap he had a lovely smile.But when he opened the door cold,
icy,air flew into the house.They tiptoed into the living room…suddenly THE LOUDEST NOISE
EVER STRUCK! twas the cat!Next they went on to the tv it made such a loud noise and out they went straight into the cold kitchen!

They creaped into the kitchen and the snowman, went over to the fruit bowl. Then he swapped his own nose with a spiky, yellow,pineapple and had a giant laugh!After, he swapped the pineapple for a pear. And with that they were already walking up the stairs. But instead of going into Ben’s room they went into his parents! And first the snowman put on the dads false teeth and some more hilarious things, went outside. Should he stay or should he go? Ben had just decided to go as he got thrown up onto the motorcycle and they were of on a, fast, fun adventure and because it was so fast it was finished in a second.But the snowman hadn’t even started yet for another amazing trip was just about to start! They whizzed around everywhere they went this way and that way they went everywhere!

When he got back home it was quite hot and not only that the snowman was starting to melt
so he went over to the outside freezer and after that he was as fit as a gym teacher and so
they went up and up and up they were flying in the air! They were the best ever team a snowman and boy. And finally they were there it was amazing everyone else who was their
was a snowman apart from Ben and SAINT NICK!!! After doing a little dance santa called him in for a while and gave him the best present of all he gave Ben a snowman scarf and after a few more dances it was time to go back home and that’s what they did they went home and had one last huge hug and went to sleep.

The next morning wonderful, Ben opened the front door to see a pile of snow but did his eyes decive him? In the snow there was a heap of snow in the middle of the garden. He walked over to the heap of snow but it was the snowman. But how did he recognize the snowman melted! He recognize the hat and scarf and the coal and soggy tangerine! Ben down on knees he started to cry it was a horrible thought it was his best friend and he was worried sick he hadn’t a thought about how sunny twas so it was so sad. Even his parents were upset because they knew how much Ben loved he even called him snowy it was so upsetting and sad. BUT YOU CAN’T STOP CHRISTMAS!


As the snow was still falling,James started to run around the white blanket garden, building the snowman’s head.The soft ball slowly got bigger as James’s running got faster.Carefully, James scooped up the silky snowman’s body.

Soon,James realised that the snowman was missing a face, hat and scarf.So he went inside and got a soft wooly scarf and a nice chequered wooly hat.He put them on the snowman and gave a happy smile to what he had done.Then , James put a face on the snowman by using an apple for the nose, two tiny peices of coal for the eyes,three big peices of hardrock,black coal for the buttons and to finish he added a nice grin using his finger.

“James,get ready for bed please ,it’s too cold out there and it’s 7:30.”shouted mum from inside the cosy house.
“okay mum,I will be in in a minute.” replied James from outside in the freezing cold.
A couple of long and lasting minutes later,James was going up the wooden oak stairs to get ready for bed.He brushed his teeth,got his blue and white stripy p.js on and leaped into his bouncy bed and tried to get at least a wink of sleep.

“It’s just imposible,I can’t sleep.”mumbled James quietly.Slowly,James creeped down stairs.The oak grand clock struck twelve.suddenly,the frosty snowman came to life.There was a glimps of sparkle.”Am i seeing things.” exclaimed James, as he rubbed his eyes in amazment.He went outside to see if it was true.Was the snowman alive?It was true the snowman was alive.He bowed and took his hat off like a gentleman hoping for a welcome to come in.

“Come in!” shouted James, as he lured the snowman in.
“Thank you.”replied the snowman,as he entered the door.
“Let’s go to the lounge.”said James, as he took the snowman into the warm,cosy living room.”I want to show you our christmas tree.”shouted James excitedly.
“I like this babal it’s so big,round,red and shiny!”mentioned James as he gave it to the snowy snowman.
“Look look look,you can see my face in it.It’s reflecting back at me.”cried the snowman as he flung it back on the tree.

James and the snowman slowly creped up the stairs to arrive in mum and dad’s room.They spied round the room.”Look,i’ve found some gum teeth let me try them on.”exclaimed the snowman.
“Shhh you’ll wake my mum and dad!”.The snowman looked in the mirror and saw how scary he looked. ”Ahhhh I do look scary!”screamed the snowman as he spat them into the shiny glass cup.


The little boy called James got up and went down sters. He looked at the clock . At twelve a clock the snowman came ALIVE .He was happy to see the snowman.He could not beleve it .The snowman ternd arownd and looked at him James was happy the snowman came to James to great him thay shaked hands and james let the snowman came inside. The snowman saw the cat the cat got very scared the cat ran away. James and The Snowman went to the xmans tree to see the xmas tree balb they looked at they made a funny face.


It was a pale, white morning and a little boy named James,who is 9 years old,was snoring peacefully.All of a sudden he woke up and rushed over to his window to see the sight of the shiny,snowflakes glinting outside of his glittering glass window.Hurriedly he got dressed and rushed downstairs to see his Mum and Dad smiling cheerfully.He happily skipped outside and ran around in the snow.Making a snowball,he accidentally hurled it at the window.He got upset because his Mother told him of angrily.So he walked away,kicking the snow.
Once again,he bolted outside but this time he started to build a snowman.James started to roll up a furry ball of snow gradually making it bigger and bigger and bigger.Eventually, it grew so big that it was as tall as his father!He stomped over to his warm cosy house and rushed inside.”Mum,Mum I need a old hat and scarf to go on my snowman.”shouted James.”Also a pedestal because he’s so tall!”Hurriedly,he dashed outside and tied the scarf on the snowman’s neck.Cautiously,he placed down the pedestal and reached up and plonked the hat on his head.His Mum called him in for bed so he put his pyjamas on,brushed his teeth and then went to bed.
James was struggling,in his bed, to get to sleep, so he got out of his warm,comfy,red bed and peered out of his clear,shining,window to check the large snowman was still standing peacefully in the dark,starry garden.He tiptoed downstairs and looked through the clear,patterned glass window in the rose,red door and all of a sudden their was a loud noise.
The gigantic,grandfather clock struck midnight,the snowman magically sparkled and came alive,James felt amazingly happy.So,he shook the snowman’s hand and brought the chubby,frosty snowman into the house and sat him down on the big,brown comfy,armchair .James turned the television on and suddenly,the snowman felt very sweaty and James realised that the snowman was melting!Hurriedly,he turned the television off and grabbed the snowman’s frosty,melting arm and brought him over to the christmas tree and almost fell over.He picked up a shiny,red bauble and zoomed in and out on his grinning face. “I hope my parents don’t wake up!”whispered James quietly to the snowman.

James,eager to show of took him in the house and
towards the kitchen to show him around.”look!”cried the snowman,pointing at his now Apple nose.”you look as funny as a clown.Try this snowman!”he said putting a pear on his face.”No,this one looks funky!”placing a pineapple on his nose.James put the tangerine back on and brought the snowman over to the fridge.”Ahh!”the snowman praised.” Come on,” replied James let’s go upstairs.So they trudged upstairs to James mum and dads room.James sat at the desk watching the snowman put on mum’s make up.Together they went over to the wardrobe and put on clothes,well the snowman did anyway.James grabbed mums old sun hat and plonked it on his head.Next he got out dad’s dungarees and gave them to the snowman.He put them on,he looked hilarious.The snowman sprayed himself and got some up his nose…
Panicking James ripped of the snowman’s clothes and put them back in the wardrobe.He grabbed a flannel and rubbed of the make up on his cheeks.Both of them rushed Downstairs outside.”AHCHO!”sneezed the snowman,a little to loudly.”Ha ha”shouted James.”What’s this?”asked the snowman.”It’s my dad’s motor bike.”How do you use this?”getting in the seat ,starting up the engine.He placed the helmet on his head and of he zoomed.The lights flashed brightly in stretched.
James wasn’t sure he should go.What would happen if his parents woke up and he wasn’t there.His parents might think he was dead!What should he do?”Please I promise you will be back in time,before your parents wake up.What time do they wake up?”asked the snowman.”Your useless!But I think you’ve persuaded me to come although,I MUST be back in time.”replied James.
”Hold on tight,little man!”cried the friendly,smiling snowman racing round and round the white,winter wonderland.”AAH!”screamed James,closing his eyes really tight.Quickly,he shut up remembering that his mum and dad were still sound asleep in the warm cosy house.Thinking about it made him want to go inside but right now he was on his way to a whole new world whirling round and round the spinning, magical garden.To a place he’d never been or never seen…
“AAA!”cried James as he lifted into the night sky,clutching onto the snowman’s frosty,cold arm.”Don’t worry you won’t fall so long as you hold on tight.”exclaimed the snowman.They flew through the air over the country-side and sea.A big whale dived into the ocean as they flew over it.Water splashed them vigorously, soaking them.Magically,they flew over the town as little naughty kids,still awake,stared at them flying over the rooftops.Then they zoomed over the pier with all the other snowmen, behind them, heading towards the north pole!
Finally,they landed in a place james had never been before,it was coated in snow and there was a whole herd of snowmen and it was very,very cold.A lot more than the one’s that had been following him.Him and the snowman walked through the crowd and at the other end Santa Claus was their!James gasped and all of a sudden loud music started and everyone danced,happily.They waltzed through the crowd and headed over to Santa and Santa gave him a little present. James gasped”Thank you Santa!”the snowman told James that they had to go.James ran over to the snowman and they all waved goodbye to the other snowmen.Off they went.They lifted up into the air and headed home. They passed everywhere they passed on the way there.Finally,when they got home the snowman waved to James as the sun was setting.He rushed upstairs into bed and tossed and turned until he fell asleep.
When he woke up he sprinted downstairs, like a cheetah,he opened the door and all that was their was a lump of melted snow!James’s eyes had little drips sliding down his face,he was so upset he layed down on the floor to see the remains of the snowman.
The End!!!!!!


After, James had launched the pure,frozen snowball and got told off for doing it .He sulked off in depression.Suddenly,he had a spectacular idea ,he could build a snowman!
The wrapped up,warm boy started rolling the boulder of white,cold snow that is
as soft as cotton.He started shovelling blankets of snow onto his boulder like sphere.
After that he rolled a smaller ball of snow for his head.Then he fitted the smaller rock of snow on to the mountain of silver.Miserably,James’s mum told James to come inside for tea.After tea James went back outside with a stool,hat,scarf and an apple.He sorted out all his clothes then he grabbed some charcoal for eyes.It was getting dark…He HAD to come inside.He took one more look then he went inside.
He could not take his eyes off his masterpiece.He never wanted to go inside.A few minutes later he dived like Tom Dailey onto his cushion like bed.But he could not get to sleep!His mind was on the snowman.As the clock struck twelve,James couldn’t handle it, he sneaked downstairs and then…As he peered through the window in the door something magnifigent happend a lot of glistening shard like sparkles sorrounded the frozen,statue like snowman…
Suddenly,in a blink of an eye,the snowman came alive!He turned around and grinned at James and he welcomed him in.Minutes later the snowman was sitting next to the fire he hesitated…It was the fire!It started melting James’s snowman. Cunningly,James dragged the snowman away from the fire.After that, they tip-toed upstairs and went into James’s parents room and played dress up whilst his parents were asleep!After woulds they saw a velvet blanket in their garden. James tried to yank it off but it was no use.So the snowman helped and… underneath it was an old Roles Royce motobike!James knew what he had to do next,with one rev of the engine the old,scratched bike set off like fork lightning smashing against layers of cold,thick snow.
After their lightning ride of wonder they came to a stop…When they found a little shack.The only thing contained in it’s stone,solid walls was a freezer very much like a hot tub to a snowman.Suddenly, the snowman slouched out in despair but James chased him out.
Suddenly,the snowman grabbed James by the arm and started running.James was clueless of what the snowman was doing so he was franticlly trying to stop the snowman but then they took off into the star,lit sky.As they were soring through the dark,night sky they incountered a whole sea of snowmen flying alongside them.It was a once in a lifetime chance he was experiancing a dream!As they came to the sea they came in sight of the northen lights that means they are close to their destnation.As they came to a hault,they walked through an unexplored forest…
As they pushed a branch out the way they saw a city of snowmen…It was a PARTY.
With santa himself as the host.As the night got late, santa gave
him a speical present after that the snowman took him home to bed.
The next morning James woke up in a hurry he legged it down the stairs then yanked open the door to find a lot of mist…Where was the snowman…All his hard work laid on the floor in a big splat..!All his memory came past him…What a time it had been!


James threw many icy snowballs everywhere.He made snow angels. James layed on to the snow and waved up and down. Then he built a brilliant decoration witch was a snowman. He put stuff on the snowman.He got a hat and scarf.Then he went to the kitchin to choose the snowmans nose.They chose the snowmans nose as a carrot.He used the apple seeds as the mouth and the eyes.
James was very pleased of the snowman he had. He went back inside his house and went to bed.James couldnt sleep very well he kept moving around. Then he woke up and tiptoed downstairs and then at 12am the snowman came to life. They shook hands.
James and the snowman went inside the house. They went into the living room. The snowman was friendly and James was excited because he was impresed about the snowman he built.
The snowman and James watched television the snowmans eyes grew really large. Next th the snowman sat on the couch and then… He started to melt!James quick as a flash came to hold his hand and took him away from the fire. After that James and the snowman creapt up up the stairs to their parents room. They saw some teeth in the parents room so the snowman tried them on. James found them funny.They explored many parts of the house and they found it epic.
Later on they went on a awesome jerney around the part of north pole. On the way they saw trees, ice and oceons.
When they got to the north pole they celebrated with Santa Claus and all the snow people.


James started rolling a ball of shiny,glistening snowball and it became colossal! Next, he patted it down and made a smaller one on top of the larger one for the head. He then, admires his work before his mum calls him in to have his tea. He looked out of the window and realized that it looked a bit plain so he finished his tea, before returning outside to add more details to his masterpiece.
At half past eight, his mother called him in to go to bed.
“James, it’s time to go to bed, dear!” called his mother as she was ready to put him into bed. James dived into bed like a dolphin diving into water. He couldn’t stop thinking about his beloved snowman.
James woke up at 12 o’clock sharp and looked at his clock. He had heard something. He sneaked downstairs past the anachronistic clock and past his parents’ room. He went to the window he looked out earlier and saw a flamboyant, yellow spark appeared on the back of the snowman.
It turned around. IT WAS ALIVE!!! It saw him looking out of the window so he swiftly sprinted to the door and hid behind it. He opened it and reluctantly strolled to the snowman…
Next, James shook the snowman’s hand gladly before before allowing the snowman into their house.As soon as the snowman got into the house he began to explore.When he got into the living room he had a look around then he met James’s soft, furry black cat.As soon as the soft,white snowman disturbed to the cat it hesitated before screeching.Then he moved over to the christmas tree and was astonished to see how wounderful it looked.Next he peered into a red and shiny bauball and wabbled backwards before merrily falling into the grey chair.
The only problem with the chair is that it was near the FIRE!!! So the boy moved him right away.Next, they gradually got up the polished, oak stairs which took forever.But then they went in James’s parents room and got dressed up.They both had a magnificent time there they danced and played games.But eventually they got so bored so they carefully and quietly crept downstairs before going into the back garden
When they got to the garden it was covered in layers of white silk.There was a mysterious cover so they looked under it there was…….a motorbike.So they flung open the cover and James demonstrated how to use it. The snowman just jumped on and started it up.
“Jump on, James!”exclaimed the snowman. James got on and they drove through the dark, gloomy wood. It was a worrying sight but they got through it. They got to a colossal barn and left the motorbike outside. Inside, there was a wide box with cooling ice cubes. The snowman loved it!
“Can we go now?” asked James longing to go.
“Okay,” replied the snowman. But he was still jocular because James held his hand and they sprinted and jumped which made them…FLY!! They were swimming in the frozen sky! They flew with all the other snowmen which were very merry. They passed several cities gradually and they finally reached the border of the country. Luckily, they dodged a blue whale’s tail which nearly hit them. They landed on an island which looked like it had silky, white blankets of silk for the floor. They entered a pitch black, gloomy forest which was frightening. But on the inside of the deep, dark forest, there was a joyful party going on! They hurriedly rushed into the party where they unusually met Santa Clause! He hugged James with his blush, red palms.
Then, he took them to the party zone! They danced merrily until midnight. When they finally decided to leave, Santa proudly handed him a present.
“Merry Christmas!” he chuckled. They thanked him and flew back to his homely home. They landed gracefully on the soft, comfortable ground. James said his final goodbyes to the snowman and gave him a loving hug. He walked inside and slept peacefully. The next morning, James woke up and couldn’t wait to see his beloved friend. But when he opened the door their was an unfortunate surprise. His beloved friend had melted!!!


James started building the snowman. His fingers and nose are tingling because it’s cold but he carrys on no matter on the cold,winter’s day. James ran towards the big,oaky door and grabbed the shovel so he could make the snowman’s body. He ran inside to have a snack and drink then,grabs a stool and rushes outside towards the snowman. James stood on the stool and added the snowman’s big,bold head.Like a flash of lighting, James ran inside grabbed a hat, scarf and a orange nose.He pops them on the snowman and stares at his glorious creation.
“What am I missing here?” James questioned himself.
James then knew he knew what he needed.He needed some coal for the eyes and mouth. James was proud as can be after looking at his snowman!

Later on that day, James sat by the window staring into the snowman’s eyes.
“James, come sit by the lovely, heart-warming fire,” said James’s father dearly.
The clock started ticking, it was time for James to go to bed. He went upstairs and into the bathroom. James picked up his toothbrush from near the window and saw the the beautiful snowman in the garden. His mum came in and gave James his pyjamas. Then she gave him a big kiss on the cheek. James was highly embarassed.
“Muuumm!” moaned James.
Before his mum could do anything else he ran to safety into his room. He got into bed but couldn’t sleep. James got up out of bed. He ran to the window to check on the snowman.He looked at the snowman and dived like Tom Daley into his bed. But James still couldn’t help thinking about the snowman. He rushed towards his dressing gown and opened his bedroom door. It was creaking as loud as a mouse going mad and squeaking.
“Oh god, please be quiet you stupid door,” whispered James angrily.
Like a ninja, James tiptoed down the stairs. He looked through the door window and saw the snowman. Then in the blink of an eye the snowman became alive…

“OH MY GOODNESS!” screamed James.
“Hello my friend,”said the snowman in the most friendly way.
“Hi,” replied James who felt a bit calmer now.
Then James realised he wasn’t so scary after all. When you looked into his eyes they shined like the brightest star in the sky and gave you an amazing heart-warming feeling that always made you feel welcome.
“Come in,” suggested James.
“Thank you James, you are a lovely boy,” the snowman commented.
James led the snowman inside and into the living room.
“Lovely house you’ve got here James,” complimented the snowman.
“Thank you,” replied James.
The snowman kneeled down towards the cat. He went to stroke it but it’s hair stood up on end and started to screech like a very scared tiny chinchilla.The snowman went flying into the christmas tree and nearly knocked it over. James was crying with laughter.
“Blimey,what a mad cat you’ve got!” exclaimed the snowman.
“Are you ok?” asked James who was still trying hard not to laugh.
“Yes, I’m fine,” answered the snowman who started to sit down in the armchair.
The snowman sat down and was starting to get hot. He grabbed his scarf because he was a bit stuffy.
“Oh no, you need to get out come on!” exclaimed James rushing towards the door. He grabbed the snowman by the hand and rushed towards the door.
“Good thing we got away, otherwise it would of ended badly,” said James with a sigh of relief.
The snowman looked around and saw an amazing, delicious cake with a snowman just like himself on top of it. Then he started to mess around and change his nose with different fruits. It was very funny!
“Let’s go upstairs and try my parents clothes on!” laughed James mischieveously.

A few minutes later, they arrived in James’s parents room.
“Shush, make sure you are quiet,” whispered James.
“Ok definitely,” replied the snowman.
They both started exploring the room. But then the snowman found a pair of false teeth. He picked them up and put them in his mouth. James was laughing so much he nearly wet himself and woke up his parents! Next he popped them out and found a make up draw.
“Oh no,” James said to himself. The snowman went towards the makeup stand and put some bright pink blusher on both side of his cheek, then James told him to go towards the wardrobe. The snowman opened the cupboard and found some of dad’s clothes. He got them out and put them on.
“You look silly,” laughed James. The snowman was wearing a jumpsuit, a silly flower hat and was pretending to use a pipe. But then a catastrophe appeared out of nowhere! The snowman was just about to do a biggest, loudest sneeze ever.
“Oh no, quick take all of your clothes off before you wake my parents wake up!” James whispered with butterflies in his stomach. He pulled the snowman towards him and took all the clothes off and put them back in the wardrobe as quick as a flash. They ran out as fast as they could. Then…
“AAAAAAATTTTTTTCCCCCCHHHHOOOO!” screamed the snowman. You could hear him from a mile away. Luckily, he was in James’s room so you couldn’t hear it that much.
“Woah that was a close one,” said James. Just then the snowman was staring at the whole room. He took one step forward and then his foot slipped into James’s skate shoe.
“Woah, help me!” exclaimed the snowman. He was spinning around so fast he bumped into a whole bunch of balloons. Then the snowman realised something outside the window.
“What’s that?” questioned the snowman.
“I think it’s my dad’s old motorbike,” replied James. The pair of them both crept down the stairs and opened the door. The snowman leapt onto the bike and put his helmet on. James then joined. The snowman turned the engine on. It roared like a lion and then they were off into the distance. They went towards the forest. When the got into the forest and the snowman drove like crazy.
“Woah you are a snowman, how can you ride a motorbike?” asked James.
“I am not a snowman, I am a living snowman,” explained the snowman.


Jeff tossed and turned in his king sized bed.
“ I can’t sleep,” moaned Jeff.He gazed at the snowman.Oh! gosh it’s cold.He went back to bed.He tossed and turned once again.
“ I still can’t sleep !” groaned Jeff.He tiptoed downstairs all the way to the frosted,glass door. it struck midnight and in a sparkle of glittering snow the snowman came ALIVE!
“ I can’t believe it!” gasped Jeff in amazement. The snowman magically came alive.
“ Oh!nice to meet you sir” the snowman asked bowing.Nice to meet you to snowman,said Jeff.”come on let’s go inside,”said Jeff.He showed the lounge.
“ Look the christmas tree snowman,” exclaimed Jeff.HE looked at himself with a bauball.
“ Wow! look at my big,fat face,” yelled the snowman excitedly.He took a second look.Jeff lit up the christmas lights.
“Woah!I have never seen anything like it,” astonishly shouted the snowman.
“What can I call you?” questioned Jeff.
“You can call me Frosty,” replied Frosty.Come on Frosty let’s go to the kitchen.He sat down on the comfortable chair.Jeff put the tv on.Frosty started to get hot by the coal.
“Let,s go into the kitchen,” yelled Frosty.He found the fruit bowl.
“Hey, look at my nose!” Frosty chuckled.
“Enough playing around,let’s go upstairs,” said Jeff.They went upstairs.They tiptoed to the mum and dad’s room.There they found the wardrobe.
“Let’s dress you up,” suggested Jeff.Frosty saw mum’s hat ,with a purple flower on it, and put it on.He also found a bungee,which belonged to the dad, and put it on.Frosty also put on mum’s makeup on.Frosty started to feel dizzy and he is going to sneeze by the perfume.Jeff pulled him out of the room and closed the door so that, Frosty had his chance to sneeze.

“Let’s go downstairs and ride the motor bike commanded Jeff friendly. They went downstairs and went outside.They found the motor bike covered with a blanket.Jeff took of the blanket of and told him how to ride it.He understood what he was saying.Frosty put on the helmet and started to ride it.He span circles around the boy while riding the motor bike.Frosty asked Jeff to go on the back of the motor bike and ride with him. Jeff jumped on the back of the bike and rid through the woods. They saw lots of different nocturnal animals.
“I have never stayed up this late at night!” chuckled Jeff.They rid and rid.After an amazing ride through the woods. They rid the bike all the way home.Then Frosty had an amazing idea.
“Let’s go and fly!It’s a bit of a wierd thing for a human.”
“But what about my mum and dad, their going to worry about me” said Jeff.
“Oh, we will come back as quick as a flash.You won’t even know that we were gone.They liffted thier feet high and the adventure began.They glided like a bird.
“Wow I have never seen the whole town up so high,It looks amazing.”exclaimed Jeff.How muth longer?questioned Jeff.
“We are half way there,”replied Frosty.While they were on their way a little girl saw them(Jeff and Frosty) flying.After half an hour or so they were at the NORTH POLE!!!!!! A bunch of other snowmen were they because they flew with Frosty and Jeff.
“What are they all crowding around?”asked Jeff.They landed.All the snowmen made a path for Frosty and Jeff.Guess what it was.It wasSANTA!!!!Jeff was shocked.
“I can’t believe it!”gasped Jeff.Santa and Jeff gazed at each other’s eyes.
“Am I dreaming can one of you snowmen pinch me?”questioned Jeff.
“Okay I will,”suggested a snowman.
“Ouch!!!”he screamed.So it isn’t a dream it’s real.”
“What is your name little boy?”asked Santa.
“My name is Jeff,”replied Jeff.
“AH!Jeff my boy come over here with me,i’ve got something to give you,”said Jeff.Jeff did what Santa told him to do.
“There you go Jeff,”said Santa.
“Oh! why thank you Santa,” said Jeff appreciating it.He carefully peeled of the rapper and inside was a beautiful silk,blue,woolen scarf.
“I love it Santa,THANK YOU!!!!!”yelled Jeff in excitement.
“Your welcome,”said Jeff.All the snowmen had a wonderful party.They danced and drank all night through.After a while the party had finished.Frosty and Jeff Flew back home looking at the town below them.
“I wonder what all the other snowmen are doing?”wondered Jeff.
“They might still be boogying,”replied Jeff.
“come on we better get back home before your parents find out,”camanded Frosty.
They soon reached home.Frosty stood in the exact place where Jeff built him.Jeff gave Frosty a huge hug and went back to bed.The next morning Jeff brushed his teeth,changed his clothes and hurried downstairs and went outside.
“What happened to my snowman,where has he gone,”wondered Jeff.
“He probably melted in the night,”Jeff’s mum explained.
“I will still remember him and all the time I spent with him,”said Jeff.Holding his scarf that Santa gave him.


When Tom was asleep the white glittery snow fell gracefully onto the ice cold ground.
As Tom awoke he leaped out of bed to obsive one glittery snowflake drifting through the
light grey sky.Suddenly he whipped off his pj put on a bright red jumper and
denim jeans .He ran downstairs like a flash of lightning.Tom ran past his mum grabbed
his white socks and green boots .Tom put them on and bolted outside to the snowy garden.
He ran around the garden and gathered an icy snowball . Tom throw it at the kitchen window
.”Tom ! Come in right now” screamed his mum . So Tom flashed up the very steep stairs and fell asleep on his king size bed.

Tom could not sleep. He was tossing and tearing
He jumped out of his king size bed and look at his snowman.”Few his still there.”
whisperd Tom.It was so cold so he jumped back in to bed ,but still he could not sleep.
He ran down stairs put on his dressing gown and slippers and looked out side.Then
the clock struck 12:00 . What was about to happen ?Something magic ,happened the snowman came alive .Tom’s face was wowed at what had just happened.The snowman turned around and waved at Tom.
Then he bowed at Tom so he welcomed him in the nice big house.It was a new acsperians for the snowman.Tom toke the snowman into the living room the snowman was amazed at the big bright green christmas tree with twinkley lights. He was amazed at the tree
but more amazed at the small red bauble . The snowman loved looking big then small
it made him laugh so much.Then the snowman got far too HOT by the flaming fire.
Tom hurried him into the kitchen.Tom thourgh it would be funny to make the snowman try
on different noses . He tried on a banana ,pear,pineapple and back to the plain old orange.

Let’s go to my mum and dad’s room it’s very fun in their.Look over their ,there is some
of my dad’s teeth can I try them on now “Yes if you must “ explained Tom.
“I look like I am a real man “ “Come with me “ asked Tom. “Why “ asked the snowman.
“Clothes” “I love clothes “ screamed the snowman.”ssshhh”whispered Tom.
“ You will wake my mum and dad” whispered Tom” We must put on some clothes on
you” explained Tom. “Okay then “ said the snowman “ They are way to big for
you “ exclaimed Tom .”We must go they are started to wake up .”

The snowman and Tom went into the next room “This is my room” whisperd
Tom.They went inside and the snowman started to dance to the music box.
The snowman was still hot so the boy took him to the freezer to freeze again.The snowman
sadly jumped out of the feezer and saw the red shine moterbike and zoomed around like a lightning bolt.Tom telles him to stop then ther magic things they saw the magic north light dancing throw the midnight sky .Then they arived at the north pole to see santa Tom was so exited at what he had just experuansed .Santa aked prounly “Do you want to come see my magic slay and randeers.” “YES YES” shouted Tom As they walked in and got handed a snowman scaf.It was time to go home so they started to fly home.When they got home and the snowman stoud and frezzed .Tom ran to bed .In the morning he ran down stairs and out to see the snowman had melted … Their was just one big pile of glittery white
snow .Tom was devastated at what he had seen.


James emerged from his slumber to observe the frosty snow on his glistening window. Estatically, James leapt out of his comfortable bed to see snow scattered everywhere. In a flash James ripped off his pyjamas and put his warm clothes on for cold conditions. Rapidly,James bolted downstairs past his bossy father and to his strict mother to put his winter clothes on. Without wasting any time he sprinted into the snow covered garden. With such joy and happiness, James stomped on soft but freezing cold snow. After a while, James got called in by his protective parents.

Later on, James strolled out to create a snowman. He started with a tiny, little snowball.
It gradually got bigger and bigger. He added chunks of snow to finish the body off. It looked like a real person. James finally added the head. Swiftly, he made the snowman but added extra accessories. To finish it off James added a nose, some eyes and a enormous, friendly grin. Finally, James parents called him in for a mouthwatering dinner.

Staring at his amazing creation, James sat on a warm chair.At last, James’ parents sent him to be. He did an elegant somersault onto the bed. They tucked him in and gave him a kiss. He soon went fast asleep.

James tossed and turned as he struggled to get to sleep. After a while, James just couldn’t handle it and finally had a glimpse of his amazing creation. Before long, James shivered and jumped straight back into his bed. But it was only for a short time as James carefully crept downstairs. He gazed outside the window to see his snowman. Suddenly, it struck midnight. The snowman had a sparkle on the back of his spine.He came ALIVE! With a friendly grin, the snowman looked back at James and gave him a wave. James sprinted to the snowman it was a delighted. He showed the snowman the livingroom. As they arrived at the livingroom the snowman tripped over the cat and had a great shock. The cat yowled at the great, big snowman. Clumsily, the snowman nearly tumbled the whole tree down. Carefully, James turned on the multi-coloured lights.The snowman stared at the variety of colours there were and saw himself on the bauble as it was his reflection. He took a look at the ancient, broken TV. The snowman glared at the fuzzy TV and got dizzy. After a while, the snowman realised that it was starting to get piping hot!

As soon as James realised, he dragged the snowman away from the fire turned the TV off and they went to the kitchen. When they had arrived, the snowman, for entertainment, started switching noses. He first changed it to a apple then a pear. Then finished it off with a banana,some grapes, and finally a pineapple.

Later on, they tip-toed upstairs to Mum and Dad’s bedroom. They were playing with their clothes and messed around with James’s dad’s teeth.Sooner on, they played with Mum’s perfume but luckily the snowman took his orange nose off.After a play in Mum and Dad’s room they had went out to play outside on the scattered snow.

The snowman took the cover off the motorbike and rode it round in a circle. He stopped right in front of James. James put his helmet on and got on the motorbike. They took off and glided in the dark, black night. In a flash, they were back parking the swift motorbike.

They got off the motorbike and James was heading home but the snowman stopped him because he wanted to take him to a mysterious place. The snowman grabbed onto James’s hand securely.

James really enjoys adventures but he had to stay at home with his parents and also it was nearly morning so his parents would be downstairs wondering where their child was. They would had been heartbroken not to see their beloved child. But at the same time, James wanted to be with the snowman. He didn’t know whether to go or not go. Time was ticking and he didn’t have much time to think. He finally made up his mind and he replied back to the snowman to say yes.

The snowman took large strides on the blanket of snow and finally they glided through the great, dark sky. It was such a view to see the dark, blue sea as they gracefully flew in the air. The snowman descended down onto the frosty ground. A crowd of snowman made a path for James and the snowman The path was a path right to the most gentle and most kind of them all St.Nicholas.

He gave James a present and the party began.The snowman danced and jumped with such joy and laughter and one even did a glorious Irish dance. Sooner on when the party was finished James went back to sleep like a log.

The next morning James went outside to go and see his snowman…but it had melted down right before his very eyes.