Art and English

Yesterday in Art we drew some pictures of Viking heads.
Today we did some story openers .

By Erin , Ellie ,Caitlin & Zainab!!!


Henri Matisse

matisse 5

This interesting piece of art makes us think about the seaweed floating around in the sea. The amazing multicolours of the background outstanding our eyes. We liked this because it is very creative.

matisse 4

We like this because it is very well thought of. It has lots of different shapes e.g.spikes and diamonds.

matisse 3

This wonderful but strange picture makes us feel comforted. It looks like it has been done by children,that is why we think it is comforting. We also think it looks like the universe.

matisse 2

This is like a human. It looks like a blue spirit fading beyond from it’s human form. Plus it looks alike to a female.


This brilliantly drawn piece of artwork attracts you because of it’s outstanding quality. There are hands playing a guitar, there is a squid and a person sitting down.

matisse 1

This picture makes us think of death because he looks like he has been shot and he is bleeding. It looks like it has fireworks in the background.

By James and Alex

We chose a small section of one of Matisse’s paintings and made a clay tile. Here are some of our tiles:

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Global Scrapbook

Over half term Mrs Humphries was lucky enough to be asked if we wanted to receive a Global Scrapbook! This is a scrapbook which has travelled to different schools around the globe and when you receive it was each add a few pages. We made a video of the scrapbook so far so you can see what’s already in it:

Now we have the exciting task of thinking of what we want to put in our pages before sending it on. We have made plans and we will take our favourite ideas and make it. One idea we have had is, instead of using our photos, including self-portraits as we have been drawing portraits in Art. Here are our self-portraits:

When we have finished our pages we will take photos of them and add them to the blog so keep checking back!