This week in Literacy we are learning about rainforests.We have learned about why rainforests are important to the environment and about deforestation. We have also learned how to write a non chronological report.We are going to be ask some people to come out and tell us what they think about rainforests. Here are some examples by Jane and Tommy:

By Dipsy and Rithanya.


A balanced argument

Snowdonia is a lovely place although some people think differently, there are for and against people exploring mount snowdon.Some people think it’s bad for the environment since some people litter, it causes traffic disturbs wildlife and people can cause avalanches. On the other hand some people think it’s good because it has a nice view and it’s healthy to climb and walk up. By tex

A challenge for 5SH

I have made a Tagxedo of the United Kingdom using all of your names. Jack’s you can choose which one is yours and which one is the other ones!

My challenge for you is first to find your name, it is likely to be in there several times, and then name the closest town/city/county to where your name is. If you name has been really big you might cross several cities and counties (not countries!).

class names UK

I look forward to seeing who rises to the challenge!

Mrs H

Global Scrapbook

Over half term Mrs Humphries was lucky enough to be asked if we wanted to receive a Global Scrapbook! This is a scrapbook which has travelled to different schools around the globe and when you receive it was each add a few pages. We made a video of the scrapbook so far so you can see what’s already in it:

Now we have the exciting task of thinking of what we want to put in our pages before sending it on. We have made plans and we will take our favourite ideas and make it. One idea we have had is, instead of using our photos, including self-portraits as we have been drawing portraits in Art. Here are our self-portraits:

When we have finished our pages we will take photos of them and add them to the blog so keep checking back!