Art and English

Yesterday in Art we drew some pictures of Viking heads.
Today we did some story openers .

By Erin , Ellie ,Caitlin & Zainab!!!





Today in history we learnt about the timeline of BC and AD.we learnt that 500,000 BC  prehistoric Britain started. In 55 BC the Romans started to invade. In 450 AD the Anglo- Saxons invaded. 793 AD the Vikings. In 1485 AD the Tudors. Later in the late 1830s. In 1939 world war 2 started. In the late 1960 s Milton Keynes started to be built.
By Erin & Ellie!!

Nelson Mandela

Abhiram has clearly been listening to the news. He would like to know what you think about:

what do you know about forgiveness?

can anybody tell about why Mr Nelson Mandela is famous for?

Leave him a comment so we can discuss it!


Henry the VIII and his wives!

In History we have been learning about the Tudors. We have spent a few weeks learning about Henry the VIII and his wives. Harry made this video about the wives.