This week in Literacy we are learning about rainforests.We have learned about why rainforests are important to the environment and about deforestation. We have also learned how to write a non chronological report.We are going to be ask some people to come out and tell us what they think about rainforests. Here are some examples by Jane and Tommy:

By Dipsy and Rithanya.


The Fire Internal by Dipsy

The heavy,strong cyclone teleported from another planet.A turbulence above any different kind of snow storm.It shredded an enormous crater in the gleaming,blue stratosphere.It shrieked at the glacier forcing them together with elemental force.The vortex drew a death song out of the night with a throb of a storm.The sea shook.The tablet broke into a random starburst of cracks.After all the awful,horrendous havoc had ended the only thing that was left was a grizzly,brown bear.

The Snowman by Tisha

It was a beautiful snowing day with snow and cold frost everywhere. Animals were hibernating or playing in the morning snow. Then we saw a boy sleeping in his warm, comfy bed. Suddenly, he woke up looked outside to see a cold, wintery weather. He gets surprised and wants to go outside.

He yanks himself out of bed and gets his clothes on. Then he rushes downstairs and meets his mum and dad. In a flash, he gets his clothes and rushes outside to play and see the cold freezing snow.

Then he stomped around the whole garden making footprints. He decided to be a little cheeky. He then threw a snowball at the kitchen window. His mum got cross then . James roamed around the whole place doing nothing but being bored and unhappy. Then he thought of making a snowman.

It did take him ages but finally he made the best could ever make. It was really fabulous. His mum told him to come back in and go straight to bed. He kept on fidgeting so he peered out of the window and saw the snowman. He was alive.

He ran downstairs and saw the snowman. The snowman greeted him and went inside the house. He found the boy’s house really unique!

Then just to be a little funny, they disturbed the cat. After that, they started to play with the lights and bells on the Christmas tree. Then the snowman sat down for a rest and to watch a bit of TV but, the snowman started to get really hot so they went into the kitchen.

James kept on playing with the snowman. He saw the tap so he accidentally turned on the water and steam from the water blew up on their faces. Next the snowman kept on changing his nose.

After all that fuss, they went to James’ parents room. James kept on reminding the snowman not to wake his parents up so, the snowman decided to play with their make-up. The snowman tried some of mums pink powder and applied is on his cheeks.
Next he tried dad’s false teeth and clothes. When he tried the perfume he was about to sneeze so he took the snowman to his room.

Meanwhile, they decided to play with the toys in the boy’s room and it did end up getting all messy. Then as a flash they peered out of the window and saw something weird and unusual. So he went downstairs and saw… A SNOWMAN !!!

It was unusual because snowman’s aren’t really alive. James’ heart missed a beat. He saw a real life snowman.the snowman greeted the boy. James thought of being kind and generous and inviting the snowman to his house.

First, they went into the living room and for a reason they disturbed the cat and found it extremely funny. Next, they walked to the Christmas tree and started to play with the bells on the Christmas tree. They found it quite funny.

After that, they went to the kitchen and started to play with the light switches which was a little funny. Then James accidentally turned the hot water on and…. POOSH! Flames of steam came flowing up onto their faces.

They went upstairs to his mum and dads bedroom. They saw false teeth make-up powder which the snowman applied to both of his cheeks. He was about to sneeze so the boy had to take the snowman into his room.

They both played a lot until they saw a motor bike outside of their window. They rushed downstairs and sat on the motorbike and rode of to the forest. It was quite quick though.

The snowman sat down in the cold, cool freezer for 2 minutes until he realised that he was sitting on a pack of frozen fish.

The snowman rushed outside and James was about to stop him but then when held his hand he blew up. They where flying in thin-air.

Then they were nearly reaching North Pole. It was going to be amazing! The snowman landed elegantly. It was amazing and cool. It was even more amazing because they saw… SANTA CLAUS!!

Everyone was playing and jumping around and finally the party was done. Santa had a closet full of presents. He gave his special present to James. They went flying through the air and reached back home.

The snowman was still in his position in the morning but the only thing James was sad about when he came outside was that the snowman……… MELTED!!

James was really shocked and felt sorry for the snowman so, to heal his shock he got out his best scarf and gently placed on the snowman and bows his head.

The Snowman by Cameron

On a cold, snowy winter night animals graze on a white,soft field with no houses that you can see, the only thing you can see is miles and miles of pure ,white field . After miles and miles of plain boring field is a small farm house sitting in the middle of nowhere.

And in that house sleeps a small, young boy called James laying in bed and dreaming about all the presents he will receive from the well known Santa Claus. When morning struck James jumped out of bed and looked outside and was relieved it had snowed. A while after gazing at the snow James got dressed and ran downstairs.

Half way down the stairs he flew into but his dad got angry “Stop running in the house ! ” but James didn’t listen to him. When he got into the kitchen his Mum put a hat on his head and put a jumper on him but the hat fell of after a second.

When he got outside he ran around on the snow and made different shape footprints like circles. Then when he got dizzy he made a perfect circle for a snowball and threw it but accidentally it hit the kitchen window and his Mum got angry “James stop throwing snowballs around! ”

After a minute of silence James got grumpy and kicked around the snow making piles of snow like fountains that have frozen but was still annoyed from when his mum told him of because he never got told of with his mum . According to his mum she says it’s normally his dad who told him of but he never believed her.

Then he got the urge to build a snowman and set of with this new version of sculpting a snowman. Minutes later he had made a big ball,he wanted to carry on but his mum told him to come inside and have some lunch. When he had finished his toast he went back outside and carried on with the best snowman he had built in his life.

Once he had finished he got some clothes they were scarves and hats in the pile of his dad’s clothes that he had brought outside for the snowman. The snowman looked great in the clothes. But it was still missing something but James did not know what it was. Finally he realised that the nose,eyes and mouth were missing so he used an orange for the nose and coal for the eyes and for some buttons .

After the finishing touches James had finished the snowman and went inside with his mum, when he got inside he sat on the sofa and stared at the snowman for a while. When he was finished staring at the snowman his dad told him to get in bed so James scurried upstairs and put on his pyjamas. Then he brushed his teeth and ran to the window and looked outside at the snowman then got in bed.

James couldn’t sleep at all he was thinking of was the snowman. After a while of looking at the ceiling James quietly creeped down the stairs and looked at the clock and it was midnight. James had never been up this late but he couldn’t wait to see the snowman any longer so he walked out of the door. James couldn’t believe his eyes the snowman turned around and was looking at him.

He was stunned. How could a snowman be alive. Gratefully James kindly let him in the house and they walked into the lounge. James told the snowman to stay away from the fire just incase he burnt. Unfortunately the cat was laying fast asleep and the snowman was confused so he poked it and the cat looked up and nearly fainted but luckily it didn’t it just ran away.

After a while of talking James wanted to let the snowman sit on a chair instead of the floor so the snowman sat on the couch and James turned on the TV. Soon enough the snowman got a bit too warm so James took him into the kitchen and the snowman took of his orange nose and put on some other fruit for his nose but then putting his first one back on and looked around.

When he had finished staring at every single thing in the room he started looking in most of the draws and coincidentally found the fridge. After playing in the kitchen they crept up stairs and went upstairs to James’s bedroom. They played with his trains, aeroplanes, cars and weirdly with his toothbrush.

Then they quietly sneaked into mum and dad’s bedroom and the snowman put on mum’s hat and put on dad’s trousers. Weirdly the snowman found mums teeth and wore them and smiled at James and them spat them out and put on some makeup but nearly sneezed so they ran into his room again. Then they ran outside and sees mysterious thing covered up so goes to explore.

Finally they got downstairs and ran outside and pulled the cover of the mysterious thing. It was a bright red motorbike with a black leather seat. Then James showed the snowman how to drive it and the snowman hopped on and circled round James. He was amazed how the snowman understood it so quickly.

James so wanted to get on because his dad didn’t let him on it because he said it was to dangerous for a kid so gratefully the snowman let him on and they zoomed away from the lonely house and into the fields. Suddenly they drove into the woods and nearly hit the trees but the snowman steers back to safety and speeds out of the woods and back to the house.

When they got back to the house James saw that the snowman looked like he was going to melt so he took the snowman to the garage and the snowman laid in a spare freezer and put some frozen peas on his head. After a while the snowman saw a picture of the Arctic and got out of the freezer and ran into the front garden. James was worried that the snowman was going to run away so he ran outside and grabbed onto the snowman.

The snowman looked round and saw that James was holding on to his hand. Weirdly the snowman started to run and pulled James with him suddenly they lifted into the sky and started to fly. James was amazed a flying snowman that can’t be real but it was. After a while they were making way over the fields and into the town. When they got in the town James could see more snowmen in people’s gardens.

Weirdly every snowman that they flew over came alive and for some reason they were starting to follow them in the air. Soon enough they had past the Muslim centre and all the churches. A couple of minutes later they were flying over the sea. James could see a massive whale swimming around.In the middle of the sea there was a cruise ship with loads of people dancing. When they past it there was a man and he nearly fainted when he saw the snowman.

Soon after the ship they saw big icebergs bobbing in the cold White Sea. After a while they came to some cold,icy mountains with a small town of people standing outside their big wooden houses. Finally they got to something that wasn’t made of snow it was an island with a wood. They flew down to the ground and walked into the wood. The wood was cold and a bit creepy.

When they got to about half way in the wood they saw the backs of loads of snowmen gathered in a straight line. Suddenly the snowman accidentally stood on a leaf and made a creek and all the snowmen turned around and smiled at James. Then the snowman took Jame’s hand and the other snowmen started to dance and some started playing some instruments like flutes and pianos.

Then James noticed someone sitting down on a chair behind the dancing snowmen. James walked over it was Santa clause. James rushed over and when Santa told him that he was one of the best behaved boys in the world James made a massive smile and went over to the snowman.

Finally the party had finished and Santa told James to come into his little hut. Inside the hut was the reindeer. After some chatting James and the snowman flew away and waved at Santa. When they flew over the sea again James was so happy to be nearly home in time before his mum and dad woke up so they didn’t get worried. Finally they got back to the house and James shook hands with the snowman and hugged him then went to bed. In the morning James runs downstairs and finds that the snowman had melted.

James felt so sad that the snowman was dead but at least he had next year to have another adventure with the snowman.

The Snowman by Ria

Wildly,the crystal,white ,squishy snow scattered it self among the the frosty winter trees.Peacefully the diamond like snowflakes swayed side to side until it reached the frozen,sparkly ground.

In the frozen,unseeable blizzard, the strong wind blew as powerful as it could, it came to the point you couldn’t even open your eyes.The frosty fields were scattered with freezing snow.

Through the stormy,white blizzard a warm,cosy house appeared.A boy was lying in his layered duvet and sheets he was called James.He was in his house thinking about the best time of the year,Christmas!

The morning arrived and curious James woke up.He got a massive shock…it snowed!James stomped over his bed with excitement.Happily James rushed down stairs to munch up his breakfast so he can play in the fun snow.Boisterously James quickly changed into his snug winter,outdoor clothes.

James felt so excited to caper about in the snowy,crystal fields.He made footprints and all different types of patterns.Sneakily the boy threw a solid,white snowball against the steamy house window.Unfortunately cheeky James got in trouble by his mum.Lonely James wondered of finding something to do ,but then something remarkable came to his mind…a snowman!He got to work right away on his dream,friend snowman!He never gave up,he kept on rolling and rolling to get his dream snowman body.James mum called him in to eat his tea,soup with bread.Guess what happened next…he went to finish his dream snowman!He rolled a little faster because it was getting close to his slumber.Finally,he created his snowman solid head.He kindly asked his mum that if he can borrow some fruit and cole for his snowman decorations.After a few minutes later…the snowman
was accomplished,James was so happy. James mum called him in for some happy social time,he was so excited to play with snowman again.

James mum changed his clothes into his stripy,comfy blue pyjamas.The James got nicely tucked into his cosy bed,but he couldn’t sleep.Every five minutes he got up to check on his snowman,he was so eager to play with his dream snowman.Every time he looked at the snowman he shivered with coldness.

James rushed downstairs and grabbed his red,frosty jacket and stared at the snowman in the living room window.The clock strikes twelve and the snowman glowed and flashed.James was curious,he didn’t know what was going on.After a few seconds the snowman came to life,he moved,he walked he could do everything!

James invited the jolly snowman inside the cosy,warm,toasty house.James showed frosty,cold snowman his Christmas tree,the radiant snowman loved it! The jolly snowman played around with the ball balls and reflected the light on it,he found it so fun because he had never done any of this stuff ever!

James told the snowman to sit down on the comfy,green,sofa.The snowman felt stimulated and curious.James turned on the television ,but all of a sudden the snowman felt dizzy,sick and most of all hot!James didn’t know to do,he quickly turned of the television as fast as he could and tried to help the snowman get up.James realised that the snowman might of melted because he was ear the fire place.Quickly James walked with him into a different room.

They went into the kitchen.The snowman entertained James by playing with so many different shaped fruit.The snowman used a butternut squash,banana,cherry and the funniest was a pineapple.

The Snowman by Alfie

It was a cold,snowy night. The trees were covered with soft fluffy snow and the ground was white. A little house was perched on a small hill in the country side in the cold harsh winter.

Inside the house was a small boy having a peaceful slumber. He was dreaming of an amazing Christmas and a happy new year. The powerful snowstorm was not awakening him from his sleep. The curtains were blowing around in the breeze .

Suddenly , he woke up in excitement . He jumped out of bed ,looked out of the window and saw the wintery , wonders outside. Joyfully , he jumped around in excitement . He didn’t stop for a minute to get his breath back. He was bouncing of the walls!

Straight away , he got himself dressed . Like a bullet he ran down stairs and put his coat on. Once he had his cloves on , he put on his socks and boots. His mum put his hat on but it flew of!

Wondering around in the snow , he stumbled across a tree . He leaped in the air and grabbed onto a branch and swung back and forth. All of a sudden , he crashed to the ground . The sparkly snow gave him an idea. He picked up some snow and lobbed it over the garden. Accidentally, the snowball hit his house! His mum was not happy. Walking down the hill , he started to sulk.

He starts to get a bit lonely so he made a friend. Randomly picking up some snow , the boy rolled some snow on the the ground. Once the snowball was big , he started to shovel some snow on top to give it a better shape that looks more like a snowman . Repeating himself , he rolled up more snow fore the head. Using a foot stall to reach , he placed the snow on the snowman’s body . The boy’s mum called him in for som tea. He couldn’t stop thinking about the snowman . He asked his mum for a hat and a scarf and put the hat on the snowman’s head and the scarf around his neck . Sprinting back inside the house he got an orange for his noes . He then gets some coal for his buttons and his eyes .

After all of that hard work it was time fore bed . He brushed is teeth and got in his pyjamas on and went to bed .

He couldn’t sleep knowing that there was his snowman out side so he got out of bed , walked down the steps and stared at his snow creation out of the glass window on the door . Just at that minute the clock struck midnight. All of a sudden the snowman sparkled and turned around and looked at the boy ! The boy couldn’t believe it . He rubbed his eyes thinking it was just his imagination but no no it wasn’t. He opened the door and the snowman slowly approached him . The boy didn’t know if he should be scared or excited but then he realised that it was the greatest thing in his life . The snowman shook his hand and the boy let him inside.

First the boy showed the snowman in the living room. The snowman’s favourite thing in the living room was the bright , colourful Christmas tree . The boy turned the lights on . The snowman was dazzled by the lights that were shining like a million stares . The snowman sat down and the boy turned on the TV . Unfortunately he was right next to the fire place . The snowman almost melted ! Getting out of the chair, they came across the family cat the cat hissed and jumped out of its skin!

Then they went into the kitchen. The hot tap was way to hot. He started to swap his noes for other fruit.

They went upstairs into the boy’s mum and dad’s room . The snowman put on some makeup and some different cloths on ! He put some perfume on but it tickled his noes. He was about to sneeze but luckily they escaped just in time.

They glanced out the window and saw a black motorbike . They were straight away down stairs. The snowman put on the helmet and turned the key. He was out of control! Luckily he stopped. The boy got on the bike …the snowman got on .they crashed through the fence and race through the forest. They finely got back home.

The boy took the snowman in the garage and the snowman got in the freezer and put some pees on his head. He found a picture of a place in the forest. Holding the boy’s hand,The snowman ran in the garden. He jumped and finally flew.

They went past buildings and houses . They even went past the ocean and saw a crews ship and a wale!

Finally they arrived at the North Pole. They went into a dark, scary wood . The boy was terrified but then he realised were he was. The North Pole!Once , they were through they saw a Hurd of snowmen all crowded up in a small bunch. They they started to make there way through the giant,dancing snowmen. Finally , they got through and at the end they saw Santa clause!

They started to dance around happy. The table was piled with food. It could have been dinner for years! Al of the drunk snowmen were skipping around and drinking.

The cheerful boy was spinning and jumping all night long with the snowmen. Then he got in the middle of a circle of snowmen and danced with a Scottish snowman!

Whilst cracking Christmas crackers,they cheered loudly. They span around
In circles with glee . Santa shows the boy a hut. The boy was puzzled but then he oped the burn door and saw Santa ‘s rainier! All nine of them!

Santa offered him his Christmas present. After al of that it was time to go home. They went past all of the houses until they saw the boys house the boy was relieved .

The snowman waves and slowly starts to stand still and straight. Then the boy went to bed and woke up on Christmas Day. He ran down stairs and went out side but the snowman wasn’t there. All that was left was a pile of snow ,a hat and a scarf.

The Snowman by Rithanya

It was a snowy winter night at the country side.About 5 foot snow. Horses gather together to keep their family warm. Frozen ,naked trees stand strong as the fierce wind blow their delicate branches. Nocturnal animals come out at last to see winter ever so cold .

As the wind keeps blowing there stands a house bravely with stained glass windows. A boy is behind the windows sleeping peacefully. At last he wakes up from his deep slumber,staring out of the window James the boy ,felt elated.

Quickly ,getting changed and also accidentally showing his bum out of the window ,James raced down the stairs bumping into Dad. By this time dad got so angry he shouted saying this”hey , right you stop running or your going to mental hospital James and Santa clause ain’t gonna give ya presents is he James .””sorry dad “said James. After saying about a million sorry’s dad finally said he will allow James to play on the fresh patch of snow.

So James quickly ran to the kitchen and said”hi mum I’m just going to get some fresh air …..or am I ?”. “Oh your just like your father except he does not lie about having fresh air”. James just ignored what his mother said ,and opened the back door . Charging for freedom ,James threw a snowball at the kitchen window. After a few seconds his mum opened the snowy window angrily. “.Watch out James dear,now because of you I have to clean the window and also I personally do not want loose this years , have you got the most pristine house?contest and your grounded”.

Sadly getting told of James walked away . His footprints were slowly made as he sulks away.

Suddenly he got the most beautiful idea ever! James finally thought of something amazing, it was a snowman! James completely forgot about what his mother said and started making a snowball ,but this time he he did not throw the snowball ,and instead he rolled the snowball on the snow, making the small snow ball into a huge , massive ,bolder!

Now James got really tired of rolling the now known bolder, so instead he got a spade and started collecting snow and shoving it on the bolder. About after 19 minutes ,James started shaping up the big plop of snow into a human body.

Next his mum called him to have supper. So came in and ate his supper still staring out of the window. When he finished his toast he went back outside and carried on with the best snowman he had built in hi life!

Once he had finished he asked his mum to get a scarf and a hat . The snowman looked great with clothes but still James knew something was missing . Finally James knew what it was… It was a nose ,a mouth and some buttons. So James found some coal for the snowman’s eyes and button.

Next his mum called him for bedtime. So James went inside and went to bed. After about an hour James could not sleep , so he looked out of the window . Their it was ,a beautiful snowman standing on the cold winters snow.

James felt cold ,so he put a jumper and raced to see his snowman . It was now12:00 so James opened the door . All of a sudden the snowman came to life .yes,yes,yes it came to life. Gratefully, James kindly let him in the house and they walked into the lounge . James told the snow man to stay away from the fire just I case he burnt . Unfortunately, the cat was laying fast asleep and the snowman was confused so he poked it and the cat looked up and nearly fainted but luckily it did not it just ran away.

After while of laughing , James wanted to lead the snowman to sit on a chair instead of the floor , the snowman sat on the couch and James turned the TV on . Soon enough the snowman got extremely hot so James the tv of .James took him to the kitchen next and the snowman took of his orange nose and put on some fruits and then put his normal nose on and looked around.

After looking in every room he went to mum and dads room. The snowman put blushes on a tie and some pants , the snowman also found some perfume. He sprayed a bit to much and was about to sneeze.

They quickly ran to James’s room .