Stig of the dump book review

Stig of the dump review

Author:Clive king
Illustrater:Edward Ardizzone

star rating **


Stig – a boy with a caveman personality(main character)

Barney – a boy with an opposite sort of life(Stigs friend)

Lou – an ordinary girl(Barney’s sister)


It’s about a boy called Barney who finds a boy called Stig and they go on some adventures but they have some difficulties on the way.


I thought the book was quit exiting at parts but I think at parts it was a bit boring.I think this book is appropriate for all ages but the best age group is 6-10.



Keval’s book review

Book review by: Keval Author name’s: Clive King

Book name: Stig of the dump

The character are: Stig, Barney, Lou and Grandma.
My favourite character is Barney cause he is a sweet
Loving boy how took care of of Stig(the caveman )

I like the book because it has one normal kid and a strange caveman.
It has really good adventures and my favourite part is when they see
the loin in garden.

I would give this book a ten out of ten and I would recommend
it another person.

Stig of the dump book review

Stig of the dump book review

Stig of the dump by Clive King
Book review by Leire.

Stig of the dump is a fiction book by Clive King. This book is about the adventures of Stig and Barney. Stig is a Stone Age boy that lives in a dump. One day a regular boy named Barney falls into the chalk pit, where Stig lives and discovers him. Together their friendship grows and they discover new places and meet new people whilst on their adventures.

I recommend this book for 8-12 year olds and people who like adventure books.

The characters are:
Stig ( the main character )
Barney ( Stig’s best friend )
Lou ( Barney’s big sister )
Grandma ( Lou and Barney’s grandma )
The Snarget boys ( Grandma’s neighbours )
And lots more

This book has lots of fun characters, exiting quests and more magnificent things.

Guided reading Skype

In guided reading purple group have been doing Skype. We all think that Skype is a good way to learn because we would get to hear what other people think of different books.
We enjoy doing guided reading this way so we are not just hearing from people we already know. Sometimes we get in pairs and think of questions to ask about the book. When we have to go to do Skype we are always excited to because we love hearing what other people have to say about books. The book we are reading in Skype is called clockwork. We all thought in the beginning that the book wasn’t that exciting or mysterious because nothing much was going on with any of the characters. But then we started reading more of the book and it got very mysterious and exciting.we all enjoy the book clockwork and we can’t wait to see what happens next in the book.

As an example of a question we asked :
If you got to choose music for the book what type of music would it be like?
They answered and said that they would choose suspicious or scary type of music because in the book weird and terrifying things were happening.