This week in Literacy we are learning about rainforests.We have learned about why rainforests are important to the environment and about deforestation. We have also learned how to write a non chronological report.We are going to be ask some people to come out and tell us what they think about rainforests. Here are some examples by Jane and Tommy:

By Dipsy and Rithanya.


Mr Joyce visits!

Today we had  mr Joyce  come in to show us about the different bones (he is a physiotherapist) and we talked a lot about the posh words for bones. Then we said about the bones they protect and the muscles help move and we talked about the
ligaments which keep bones together and tendons which attach muscle to bone. Then we split up into groups  and he gave us a post it note with names of bones on and a plastic bone and we had to stick them on the right bone. It was so nice to have Mr Joyce come in today and every one says thank you  and hope you can come in in Year 6.Molly, year 5